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Being Pro-Adoption in a Pro-Choice World

What does it mean to be pro-adoption? Discover how a pregnancy center’s attitude about adoption can impact a client’s pregnancy options, as well as what clients wish you knew when it comes to choosing adoption for a child. Presented by: Heather Featherston


Benefits of Blogging

This 1 hour webinar will highlight the benefits of blogging in terms of web site marketing and public relations benefits.


Birth Control: Not Without Risks

In this recorded webinar, Dr. Lindsay Rerko will review the common forms of birth control and their associated health risks. We will examine risks from vaginal infections and depression to blood clots and cancer, and take a closer look at current data. 

This training offers 1.0 contact hours for nurses who meet all requirements. Heartbeat International is an approved provider through the California Board of Nursing, Provider Number 16061.

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Brain Chemistry and De-Escalating Intense Situations

Living and/or serving in a maternity home can bring on many stressful and tense moments. Explore opportunities to understand use brain chemistry science to build de-escalation strategies in your maternity home.

Presented by Suzanne Burns


Brain Sex: What Were You Thinking?*

Essential knowledge of the adolescent brain can lend valuable insight into young people's attitudes toward and engagement in sexual behaviors. Learn how caring adults, armed with neuroscience, can help guide adolescents and emerging adults to a sexual risk avoidance lifestyle. Presented by: Marilyn Moore Henderson


Breaking the Cycles in your Client's Life

This training includes a 1 hour recorded training and additional resources.


Building Essential Client Culture

Empower Executive Directors and Client Services Managers to create an essential client culture that will empower mothers to choose life, accomplish their life goals, and desire to return to your center in a leadership capacity! Presented by: Amber Snipes-Executive Director


Building Stability Around Her: Adding a Housing Program to your PHO

This recorded webinar is an online resource that will give you access to the 1.5 hour panel discussion.


Building Vibrant Church Relationships

Gather tips and tools for building relationships with churches that are mutually beneficial. Find systems for keeping track of those church relationships so you can maximize impact! Presented by: Sarah M. Bowen