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Full Power Conversations Archive

This subscription will give you six month's access to the full archive of recorded Power Conversations.


Fundraising 101

Two part recorded webinar from Heartbeat Academy offering an introduction to fundraising strategies for pregnancy help organizations.


Going Beyond "The Talk"

This 45 minute training will equip you with the confidence you need to have "the talk."


GOVERN Well Online

Heartbeat's dynamic training for Board Members is now online! This online training is perfect for new Board Members coming into the Board as well as a refresher course for existing Board Members.

$29.95  $24.95

Grant Writing Where Do I Start?

This one hour recorded webinar offers introduction to Grant Writing.


Guarding Hearts

This one hour recorded webinar will encourage you as you empower your clients to proactively.


Healed to Change the World

This 45 minute recorded training discusses the benefits of having a post-abortive staff member share their story.


Healing the Deep Wound of Fatherhood Lost

This one hour recorded webinar looks as the need for abortion recovery for men. 


Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships

This one hour recorded webinar with Catherine Wood looks specifically at teen relationships.