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Submit the Virginia Choose Life Interest
and Eligibility Confirmation Form

In 2009 the Virginia Assembly established Choose Life license plates to be issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Heartbeat International agreed to the legislators’ request to serve the Virginia pregnancy help providers as the distributor of the proceeds collected, and has continued to distribute the funds each year.

Eligibility is defined by the legislation as:

  • Pregnancy center that is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization
  • Officially committed to the Commitment of Care and Competence (Current affiliates of a national organization recognizing the Commitment as a condition of affiliation need only indicate affiliation(s). Others need to adopt a board resolution and forward a duly signed copy of the Commitment.)
  • Agree to use the funds specifically “to provide services to pregnant women and women who suspect that they may be pregnant in Virginia.”

For organizations that haven't participated but would like to, please complete and sign the attached form and provide the necessary documentation postmarked no later than December 5th. You may also complete this form on-line at under the Connections heading select “Choose Life.” Multiple location centers need only complete one form, indicating the primary/main location, but must include all additional location information requested.

We appreciate the work of all pregnancy help efforts in Virginia and are pleased to serve you in this role at our own expense. No Virginia Choose Life monies are retained by Heartbeat International or provided to any other organization other than indicated by the legislation. Any monies refused or not distributed will be returned to the Commonwealth of Virginia. We intend to distribute proportional payments in December

If you have any questions regarding the confirmation of eligibility process please contact the Heartbeat International office at 614.885.7577.

VIRGINIA ACTS OF ASSEMBLY -- 2009 SESSION contains the criteria for distribution of Choose Life License Plate funds and is viewable in entirety here.

The following extract is from Section 3 Paragraph B:

These funds shall be paid annually to Heartbeat International, Inc., to be distributed in equal grants to pregnancy center locations in Virginia that are tax exempt organizations under § 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and officially committed to Heartbeat International's "Our Commitment of Care" standards. Choose Life Virginia Fund distributed funds are to be used to provide services to pregnant women and women who suspect that they may be pregnant in Virginia and may be refused within 60 days by return to the Choose Life Virginia Fund.

Click here to submit the Virginia Choose Life Interest and Eligibility Confirmation Form

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