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201 Ways to Say Thanks

The hard-copy version of 201 Ways to Say Thanks from Kirk Walden.


201 Ways to Say Thanks Digital Download

This electronic version of 201 Ways to Say Thanks from Kirk Walden will give you digital access to the manual and letters in a convenient download emailed to you! 


Advancement Bootcamp

This course will ask you to take a close look at the current development efforts of your organization and give you the tools and insight you need to grow your ministry and your ministry's impact in the community you serve. 


Advancement Trends in the Life Community

Free for Heartbeat affiliates! A subscription to our monthly publication gives you development plans, appeal letters, newsletter articles and more.


Banquet Planning From Scratch: Recipe for Success

In this guide, Kirk Walden dishes out key principles on all aspects of the planning process, leaving your guests happy and increasing donations. Your next banquet is sure to sizzle with success!


Firm Foundations

This top-selling manual—at more than 250 pages—is yielding results across the country.


Fundraising 101

Fundraising is the fuel that keeps the ministry moving toward it's mission. While it's true, fundraising experiences have been wide and varied among life-affirming organizations, all leverage the same basic charitable activities.

 In Fundraising 101, participants will learn the following:

  • The core aspects of fundraising
  • Simple segmentation of your current mailing list and donor base.
 In Fundraising 102, participants will learn:
  • Tried and true fundraisers used in life-affirming organizations.
  • How to plan an annual development calendar.
  • Identify key points of evaluation for fundraising efforts.


How to Write a Winning Grant Proposal Online Training

This one hour training will walk you through the Grant Writing Process.


Newsletters, Emails, and Engaging Your Audience

One hour recorded webinar by Kirk Walden and Jennifer Wright