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Heartbeat International Academy offers life-affirming leaders, staff members, volunteers, and supporters with access to online webinars and courses on a wide variety of topics. In the Academy, you'll find trainings on our core foundational materials, as well as on topics on everything from the history of abortion in the United States to fundraising basics, and from prenatal diagnostic tests to implementing STI testing in your center.

Use the links below to explore the different ways you can use the Academy to enhance the knowledge and skills of you and your organization.

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Upcoming Webinars

Convincing Friends, Family & Clients to Protect Life

February 23 | 12 pm EST | $7.95 for affliates

How do you handle a conversation with a person who mentions the topic of abortion and seems to be strongly pro-abortion? In this webinar you'll gain confidence, composure and skill in having effective conversation...resulting in changed minds. 

Presented by Mike Brady and Kaitlyn Donihue

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Slaves Among Us: Sex Trafficking in the U.S. 

March 2 | 12 pm EST | $7.95 for affiliates

This webinar will provide participants with an introduction to how sex trafficking works and how to recognize potential victims. Joyce weaves her personal story of pregnancy after rape along with experiences from her advocacy efforts as a victims' advocate to help audiences understand the powerful connection between the exploitation of women and the exploitation of abortion.

Presented by Joyce McCauley-Benner

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Supporting Progress in Residents

March 17 | 2 pm EST | $7.95 for affiliates

Join leadership from Foundation House (Cleveland, TN) as they discuss their process for supporting residents in setting goals and making progress toward their achievement.  Drawing from their "7 Phases of Case Management," Suzanne Burns and Lisa Holmes will draw from their experience to offer practical skills and tools that other maternity homes can consider and adapt.

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Whole Heart Identity

March 24 | 12 pm EST | $7.95 for affiliates

In this webinar, you will explore how God actually sees us individually and the depths of His love for us and how He wants us to see ourselves as we surrender our whole hearts to Him.
Participants will learn how to relay to their clients: clearer understanding of what God's love for them really means, understanding the importance of having a relationship with God, understanding why they are here on this earth and the importance of knowing their identity, and how precious all life is and why we should not take it upon ourselves to decide when it should end.

Presented by Deanna Stephens

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Protecting Your Center in Uncertain Times: A Webinar SeriesUncertainCNH

Care Net, NIFLA, and Heartbeat International are collaborating to provide a series of 3 webinars on legal and operational religious freedom considerations. See all 3 below!

Understanding and Protecting Your Religious Freedom: What pregnancy centers need to know to continue fulfilling their Christ-centered missions

February 25 | 2 pm EST | Free

In this webinar hosted by Care Net, Alliance Defending Freedom legal counsel, Elissa Graves, will guide pregnancy centers through understanding the current threats to religious freedom and share five essential elements to protecting your center from religious freedom attacks. There will be a time of Q&A at the end of the webinar.

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Statewide Attacks Against Pregnancy Centers in 2021: Be On the Alert

March 16, 2021 | 2 pm EST | Free

This webinar will review the current status of litigation pending against pro-life pregnancy centers/clinics nationwide.  It will also discuss the possibilities of legislative attacks against centers/clinics and the possible impact of future legislation. Legal counsel will be given on how to prepare. This topic is from NIFLA's February 2021 member Legal Tips. Presenters are NIFLA attorneys, Thomas Glessner, Anne O’Connor and Angela Thomas.

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Advancing Your PHO During the Biden Administration

April 13 | 12 pm EST | Free

Join a discussion with Danielle White, Esq General Counsel for Heartbeat International and Betty McDowell, VP of Ministry Services to learn what you can do to strengthen your organizational structure AND build relationships on a state and local level to further your mission.

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Live Courses

A WiLD Heartbeat Experience | Next Session Starts May 12

An exclusive opportunity to U.S. Heartbeat affiliates in good standing, Heartbeat International is partnering with WiLD Leaders to provide this professional training for pregnancy help leaders to advance their leadership skills. Working with WiLD Leaders, Heartbeat affiliates can delve deep to grow as individuals and lead intentionally. 

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Featured Courses

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