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Heartbeat International Academy offers life-affirming leaders, staff members, volunteers, and supporters with access to online webinars and courses on a wide variety of topics. In the Academy, you'll find trainings on our core foundational materials, as well as on topics on everything from the history of abortion in the United States to fundraising basics, and from prenatal diagnostic tests to implementing STI testing in your center.



Why Academy?

Essentially, with Academy, we hope to offer a one-stop shop where pregnancy help leaders can access sector-specific training that will help them and their organizations continue to serve their clients and communities with excellence. We recognize the difficulty of trying to research where to go get training on raising funds, leading organizations, and serving clients, while simultaneously doing all of those things so our goal is to come alongside you to make it a bit easier. With our new learning plans feature, it’s even easier to identify what you need to know about any given topic and locate those trainings and resources that you need to raise funds, lead your organization, serve clients, etc.

What’s in the Academy?

It doesn’t take much effort in today’s age to find a piece of information or training video online, but what sets Academy apart is our training goes beyond social work, Christian counseling, and nursing education, instead offering training and information through a Christian worldview specific to our pregnancy help community. With the expertise that we tap into through our faculty, we’re able to provide sector specific trainings which means we’re not just training nurses in the physics and technical stuff on ultrasound, but training nurses to perform ultrasound in a pregnancy help organization as part of the process of building a relationship with that client. Not just the latest information on chemical abortion, but how best to respond to clients in this shortened window of opportunity. Now with our learning plan feature added in, even if you don’t know where to start, and don’t know what you don’t know you have a built-in guidance system of sorts to help make sure you find the right training for you.

Where does training happen?

When Heartbeat Academy was first launched, we focused on building the online piece, that was what we were missing, but we’ve been working really hard over the last 9 months to bring those virtual and in-person worlds together so that now by completing the surveys offered onsite you can receive credit for the training you’re doing in person with Heartbeat as well as online, recorded all in one place in the Academy. So for example, the individuals who attend the Heartbeat International Annual Conference or attend Pregnancy Help Institute not only receive LAS credit but also now have progress in their related learning paths to keep track of what they’ve learned so far and other areas to be aware of or look to for future training.  

Upcoming Webinars

Have you noticed? With each webinar in the Heartbeat Academy, we now include an affiliate bonus registration for another member of your staff! Each registration gives you access to the live presentation for yourself AND access for 1 additional person from your affiliated organization to access the recording through Heartbeat Academy! That recording access includes all the benefits of the webinar, including any CEUs offered. Just register for yourself, and when the recording becomes available, you'll have the opportunity to enroll your additional staff member. That's one more benefit of being a Heartbeat International affiliate!


Building a Client's Vision and Value

Wednesday, September 27 at 12 pm ET

Presented by Beth Diemert and Sara Dominguez

Affiliate - $ 7.95 | Non-Affiliate - $ 9.95

In this webinar, Beth Diemert and Sara Dominguez of Heartbeat International's Affiliate Services team will take a deeper dive into the V-Step of The LOVE Approach. Together they will discuss ways to effectively engage with clients helping her discover a vision, her value, and life-changing opportunities!

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Maternity Housing Daycare

Wednesday, October 25, 12 pm - 1 pm ET

Presented by Vicki Krnac, Hannah's Home

Affiliate - $ 7.95 | Non-Affiliate - $ 9.95

Have you considered offering childcare for the babies in your home while your moms are at work and/or school?  Do you struggle with your mom’s heading back to work after the baby is born because they do not trust outside daycares?  Choosing quality and affordable child care as a single mom can be a very difficult decision. Finding the right daycare for your child as a parent in general is already tough enough, but for single-parent households with young children, it’s crucial. Learn how operating a childcare center right inside your home/organization can increase your outcomes, keep you connected to alumni moms, and offer real help to the moms that we work with. 

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Pregnancy and Other Accommodations in the Workplace

Tuesday, October 31, 12 pm - 1 pm ET

Presented by Betsy Wetherby, Heartbeat International Human Resources Manager

Affiliate - $ 7.95 | Non-Affiliate - $ 9.95

Workplace accommodations for pregnancy have long been a challenging area of compliance, and clients may be taking this into account as they make a decision regarding their pregnancy.  The Americans with Disability Act does not consider pregnancy a covered disability, and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act does not require accommodations beyond those offered to similarly situated employees. That gap prompted Congress to pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act in June cementing the right to workplace accommodations for pregnant workers. And beyond pregnancy, there are a plethora of conditions that may give rise to a request for a workplace accommodation.  

Join this webinar to learn the considerations in guiding a client who is facing challenges in continuing their employment in light of their pregnancy or how to respond to a request from a staff member who wishes to adjust how they perform their duties.

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And remember, you can always access our recorded webinar archives by clicking here

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