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How to Create a Compelling Client Movie

Video can be one of the most powerful tools to connect with your community. Learn how to take your movie making skills to the next level and engage your audience with a compelling client movie.

In this session. Heartbeat Media Specialist Lauren Bell will share tips, tricks and pointers that you can use to ensure your next client movie will create appreciation, interest, and support for the work done by your pregnancy help organization.


Jesus as Marketer

This one hour recorded webinar offers insight into the fundamentals of building a marketing plan.


Local Search and Online Reviews

This 1 hour recorded training will walk you through the fundamentals of local search and online reviews.


Making the Media Your Friend (Or At Least Not Your Enemy)

When you have a good relationship with some in the media, you have a better chance of getting your story out there. Cultivating these relationships in a respectful and effective way is a great strategy pregnancy help organizations can implement right away. In this session not only will you learn how to overcome your fears of the media, but also how to use media power for the good of your organization by cultivating positive media connections and connecting with gatekeepers that will help get your story in the right hands.


Newsletters, Emails, and Engaging Your Audience

One hour recorded webinar by Kirk Walden and Jennifer Wright