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 This course is designed to enhance the skills of nurses and sonographers within the pregnancy help community currently performing limited obstetric ultrasound. The didactic portion of the training is composed of seven modules appropriate for nurses and sonographers on important topics like ultrasound physics, first trimester scanning, and more. Available in a convenient and easily accessible on demand format, the didactic portions of of the training can be completed on your own schedule over a six month period.

To complement the didactic portion, participants will be asked to document and perform a minimum of 10 scans at their center under the supervision of a qualified RDMS OB/Gyn Sonographer, qualified RN who has completed ultrasound training, or Physician.


CA BON provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 16061 for 18 contact hours.

Intoductory Module- The Power of Seeing

  •    Explain the unique role of ultrasound in Pregnancy Care Centers.
  •    Discuss the history of ultrasound and its integration into imaging in Pregnancy Care Centers.
  •    Identify areas in which ultrasound may benefit at-risk clients.

Module I- Ultrasound Physics

  • Discuss the basics of ultrasound physics.
  • Utilize and manipulate machine parameters to increase image quality.
  • Explain bioeffects and the imagers' role.

Module II- First Trimester Imaging

  • Discuss the basics of first-trimester scanning.
  • Explain how to measure Gestational Sac Diameter (GSD) and Crown-Rump-Length (CRL).
  • Explain the methods utilized to obtain fetal heart tracings.

 Module III- Image Review

  • Identify normal first trimester anatomy.
  • Identify various commonly encountered pathologies in the first trimester.
  • Explain various structures imaged throughout the first trimester.

Module IV- Pitfalls of Imaging


  • Recognize common pitfalls encountered in first trimester obstetrics.
  • Discuss techniques to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Identify techniques to correct pitfalls when encountered.


Module V- QA

  • Discuss the tools of quality assurance that can be utilized in the Center to improve exams and accuracy.

Module VI- Self-Care

  • Explain the most common causes of injury in sonography.
  • Identify personal methods to help alleviate bodily and emotional stress. 

 Clinical Competence

How many people can go through the training when I purchase a subscription? 

To ensure proper tracking for record keeping purposes, a separate enrollment is needed for each individual completing the training. No shared enrollment is permitted. If available, no credit will be awarded to anyone other the individual enrolled in the training.


What happens if I don't complete my training in six months?

Please see our official refund policy for more information.


Can I add the training to the private course for my center?

No, due to the nature of this training and to ensure that guidelines established by AWOHN and the California Board of Nursing are met, this training is not available for use in a private course. However, any nurse or sonographer interested in the training can take the course using the same login information they currently use to access your center's private course.


Tammy Stearns MS, RDMS, RVT, RT(R), FSDMS


Bryan Williams MHA, RT(R), RDMS, RVT, RDCS




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