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In order to receive a certificate stating you have completed all recommended training, you will be required to demonstrate completed LOVE Approach training, completed APR Ultrasound training, or be a  Life Affirming Specialist in good standing. 

The following trainings complelment the Abortion Pill Rescue trainng and can be purchased for an additional bundle discount.

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In this training bundle, you'll receive access to five core trainings that will provide your organization with a strong understanding of the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol, including: 

  • Becoming a Provider of Abortion Pill Reversal
  • Progesterone Safety
  • How to Identify and Assist Victims of Human Trafficking
  • Identifying Fake Clients

Becoming A Provider of Abortion Pill Reversal

No woman in your community should be kept in the dark about options to rescue her baby. This training will provide the tools and information needed to become a part of the Abortion Pill Rescue Network, assisting women who have started chemical abortion and are experiencing regret.

Pregnancy Help Clinics throughout the world have a unique opportunity to expand medical services and assist women in a second chance to choose life with Abortion Pill Reversal. By the end of the session:


  • Explain the history of Abortion Pill Reversal. 
  • Identify needs of a center creating an Abortion Pill Reversal program.
  • State the protocol to reverse the effects of chemical abortion. 
  • Discuss support needed for clients beyond the reversal. 
  • Review how medication might be distributed at a clinic.
  • Report how insurance for a pregnancy help clinic would be obtained.
  • Compare how Pregnancy Help Clinics can assist women with reversal as APR Providers or APR Consulting Centers
  • Illustrate how reversal affects women who have started chemical abortion and choose reversal.

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 16061 for 4 contact hours.


Review each of the other trainings in further detail using the tabs above.




Whether you work in a maternity home, medical clinic, or pregnancy center you and your staff regularly encounter different forms of pregnancy loss both among the clients you serve, and sometimes even amongst staff.

 In this training, participants will explore the different types of pregnancy loss that occur within pregnancy help organizations including miscarriage, abortion, and adoption. Not only will we explore the similarities and differences between each of these different types of losses, but we will also explore these losses as they relate to clients and staff including important self-care techniques to avoid compassion fatigue. 

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 16061 for 1.0 contact hours.


1. Identify how pregnancy losses occur for both the clients and the staff.
2. Describe differences and similarities of losses for clients and staff - specifically miscarriage, adoption and abortion.
3. Describe self-care options for staff to avoid compassion fatigue.



Whether you work in a Pregnancy Help Organization or other Medical Clinic, this training will assist you in understanding the purpose of progesterone in pregnancy and what happens when levels are not optimal or artificially inhibited. We will also explore "off-label" use, the safety of prescribing bio-identical progesterone, and the difference between synthetic progestin and progesterone. Also, attendees will also learn how progesterone successfully reverses chemical abortion with a 64-68% success rate.

This course offers continuing education contact hours for nurses. Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provder Number CEP 16061 for 1.0 contact hours.


  • Identify the purpose of progesterone in pregnancy.
  • Discuss what happens when progesterone levels are inhibited.
  • Discuss the safety of bio-identical progesterone.
  • Identify differences between synthetic progestin and progesterone.




In this one hour training, you and your staff will learn how to identify and assist your clients who may be at risk for, or who may already be victims of human trafficking. This sector specific training for pregnancy help organizations will not only help you to better understand the dynamics driving human trafficking both in your local community and around the country, but this training will also provide practical ideas for how to assist and partner with organizations in your community to bring restoration to victims of trafficking.



More and more, our centers are coming under attack as pro-choice groups and advocates send in fake clients. These clients may record audio and video of your staff, and scour your brochures and website for information to use against your center.To protect your center against biased, untrue, and inaccurate portrayals, it's important to train your staff to recognize possible fake clients.

In this webinar you'll join Bri Laycock, Senior Director of Ministry Solutions and former Director of Option Line, as she discusses ways to identify fake clients, and procedures you can implement in your center to protect yourself from these kinds of attacks.


LOVE Approach Online

The LOVE ApproachTM Online is an online training course enhancing Heartbeat's foundational training manual, The LOVE Approach. In this online edition, users can access an enhanced, dynamic learning experience as they work through the foundational principles, four key steps of the LOVE Approach, and the legal principles all staff and volunteers should be aware of

Ultrasound Training for APR

Performing ultrasound on APR clients places you in the unique role of being the first to see the many possible outcomes of the protocol. This training provides a review of sonography basics as well as a detailed overview of the APR protocol and it's relationship to the images you may encounter. Additionally, the training examines compassion fatigue, equipping you as you meet with clients experiencing varied and sometimes difficult outcomes. 



  •  Recognize the reality of chemical abortions
  •  Recognize difference between morning after pill and abortion pill
  •  Discuss the most common method of chemical abortions
  •  Discuss the impact of the Abortion Pill Reversal
  •  Identify the possible role of imagers regarding chemical abortions
  • Identify common abnormal first trimester findings.
  • Correctly document abnormal findings.
  • Recognize the emotional impact of an abnormal pregnancy.
  •  Identify early signs of burnout and trauma fatigue.
  • Discuss the methods and techniques that will assist in the working through the emotions encountered as imagers.
  •  Develop habits that will lead to a healthier and longer scan life. 
  •  Discuss the basics of ultrasound physics.
  • Recognize commonly encountered "pitfalls' in imaging.
  •  Be ready to adjust as needed to navigate imaging to assist in obtaining the best possible image. 
  • Identify normal first trimester anatomy.  
  • Identify various commonly encountered pathologies in the first trimester. 
  • Explain various structures imaged throughout the first trimester. 



  1. Ultrasound Physics Review
    1. Ultrasound Physics
    2. Pitfalls of Imaging
  2. Abortion Pill Reversal & Ultrasound
    1. Overview of APR
    2. What You Might Encounter
    3. APR and the First Trimester
    4. APR and Abnormal First Trimester OB
  3. Self-Care and APR
  4. Image Review  

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 16061 for 2.5 contact hours.


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