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Adding Men's Ministry from Start to Finish

Webinar recording available through Heartbeat Academy!


Attention Future Fathers: Avoid the Testosterone Trap

1 hr recorded webinar presented by Dr. Joe Malone


Decision Making for Guys

Presents the brithfather with a scriptural basis of fatherhood and with tools for examining his life, values, and dreams in the context of an unplanned pregnancy. 


Empowering Fathers: More Than "Just the Guy in the Lobby"

To help Pregnancy Centers ranging in size and clientele create an environment where men can be empowered, educated, equipped and encouraged in their fatherhood journey.

Presented By: Benjamin Jett


Healing the Deep Wound of Fatherhood Lost

This one hour recorded webinar looks as the need for abortion recovery for men. 


Intersection of Codependency and Unexpected Pregnancy

Help your clients break through the barriers of codependency, which is the number one factor influencing women and men as they face unexpected pregnancies. Help your clients understand the roots of their codependency and its impact in their relationships, decision making, and lives. Presented by Lisa Rowe, LCSW and Greg Hasek, MA/MFT


Looking at Parenting for Guys

This booklet is a "job application" for a birthfather who is considering whether he is ready to become a parent


Serving Men in a Woman's World

Learn how to relate to and mentor men while serving in our woman-focused pregnancy centers. Presented by Jason Whetstone, LAS


Strengthening Dadhood

1 hr recorded webinar presented by Tony Trammel, founder of Dadhood


The Basics of Being a Father

4X4 inch square, updated version of What is a Father Pack of 25


The Me I See for Guys

This booklet enables counselors to get to know the birthfather and to identify areas of concern in order to facilitate future counseling.


Understanding the Influence of Men

To help pregnancy centers, churches, and individuals see the need to serve men and how that helps in overall awareness, resources, and making abortion unthinkable. Presented By: Gary Freeman


What is a Father

This brochure looks at the different roles of a father as God the Father demonstrates them in Scripture. Pack of 25 ENGLISH VERSION


When Guys Ask, What About Adoption

This Booklet includes over 40 questions that your client may want to explore as he participates in making an adoption plan.


Why Men: the Vital Link in the Life Decision

This workshop will focus on the role of the father of the baby in the life decision and discuss the difference it can make when he is brought from the sidelines to his rightful place of advocacy and support for mother and child. Presented by: Alexander Hettinga