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A Biblical Framework for Adoption

Explores six scriptural truths about adoption, for use with birthmothers and church presentations. ENGLISH VERSION


Adoption Dedication Service

This brochure provides practical information on what comprises a dedication service. A wonderful guide in planning for an adoption dedication service. Pack of 25


Cultivating a Culture of Adoption

This 1.5 hour recorded webinar empowers your staff and volunteers with information needed to understand and discuss adoption effectively.


Exploring Options

Introduces birthmothers to adoption. (Secular)


Is Adoption an Option for My Baby and Me?

Answers to the ten most common questions your clients have about adoption. May be used in secular settings.Trifold brochure. Pack of 25.


Life Choices

Designed for positive-test clients, this brochure presents healthy choices for the mother and baby, ideas for developing a positive support system, and offers choices for the future (single-parenting, marriage, and adoption). Pack of 25  ENGLISH VERSION


Looking at Adoption

Introduces birthmothers to adoption.


Looking At Adoption (Spanish)

Introduces birthmothers to adoption. (Spanish)


Modern Adoption

Social media and instant communication have changed our world, including what your client wants and expects. Learning about modern adoption choices prepares your organization to provide her with reliable answers and resources available to her immediately.

Presented by Heather Featherston, Director of Lifetime Adoption.


Myths About Adoption

Five common myths about adoption, and their answers, for use with birthmothers in one-on-one and training purposes. Pack of 25


Presenting Adoption to Our Clients

Ease the trepidation and uneasiness that comes with presenting the option of adoption in a pregnancy center or maternity home. We will look at basic, important factors in navigating the conversation in a way that is comfortable for everyone: clients and staff alike. Presented by: Jeannine Floores