A Relational Approach Meets Scientific Data: Reaching Abortion Minded Women in the Consulting Room

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Modern American women most likely to choose abortion, need us to listen, to understand, and to respond to their actual concerns. Science, through research, uncovers the underlying emotional reasons why unintended pregnancy, for her, is perceived as a complete loss of control over her present and future self.

Given this perspective, the choice of abortion becomes self-preservation. Her whole life is at stake. "Choice" offers her the sense that she has control over her future, and allows her to answer the question, "How can I preserve my life as I know it?"


In the consulting room, we must address this felt need in a relational and compassionate manner - openly, honestly, and truthfully, while grappling with her own inner convictions. Join us as we explore using two effective Heartbeat resources to put into practice, framed from the woman's own perspective, a new vision free from negative consequences.

Presented by Beth Diemert, LAS - Heartbeat Academy Faculty



About the Presenter

Beth Diemert has 30 years of experience in the pregnancy center movement, beginning with, and spending 10 years as the Executive Director of Women's Choice Network pregnancy centers in Pittsburgh, PA. In 1998, Beth joined Heartbeat International and was named Heartbeat's first Vice-President in 1999. In 2006, Beth became the VP at Life Steward Ministries, coaching organizations and leadership teams in growth and development. From 2013-19, Beth served Heartbeat affiliates in a training and consulting capacity worldwide. Currently, Beth has rejoined the Heartbeat team at headquarters as a member of the Heartbeat Academy faculty and Ministry Services Specialist.

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