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Adoption in Minority Communities

Equip yourself to discuss the adoption option, especially in minority communities with the history of roadblocks and barriers in certain populations and a solud understanding of what modern adoption can look like. Presented by: Kesha Franklin


Advancement Bootcamp

This course will ask you to take a close look at the current development efforts of your organization and give you the tools and insight you need to grow your ministry and your ministry's impact in the community you serve. 


Aligning with Our Design: Ditching the Knock Off

We were designed to live above our circumstances. To accomplish this, we must wholeheartedly embrace essential self care & disengage the autopilot - then we will shine the authentic designer version of who we were created to be! Presented by: Beth Diemert


Aligning Your Team Through A Vision Of Success

This workshop will assist and inspire leaders to craft a statement that aligns staff and supporters to a shared vision of success for their center. Attendees will walk away with practical tips on how to productively express their organization’s life-affirming vision in a way that encourages supporters, positively impacts office culture and betters the client experience. Presented By: Nathan Schock


An Essential Culture of Trust

Trust is essential to attract more clients and increase donations, and it begins with the leader. Discover key truths that can revolutionize impact through creating a high-trust culture. Presented by: Robin Fuller


An Essential Perspective on Sexually Transmitted Infections

Despite the push to use condoms for "safe sex", the numbers of new sexually transmitted infections continue to skyrocket in the U.S., especially among young people. The answer to STIs is not a better condom, but rather a cultural shift toward optimal sexual health through sexual integrity. Presented by: Marilyn Moore Henderson


An Essential, Unprecedented Movement

Now is the essential time for an unprecedented movement in the people of God and the pregnancy help community. Unprecedented business planning outside the box will prove essential. Presented by: Connie Coleman


An In-Depth Exposition of Fetal Development

We will discuss the new CLI website VoyageOfLife.com, an in-depth exposition of fetal development from conception to birth, with outstanding graphics, key information, scientific links, and helpful facts that tell the dramatic story of individual fetal development.  New CLI resources will be offered and explored that can help pregnancy help organizations educate themselves and their clients about the science of life before birth. Presented By: Tara Sander Lee; Katrina Furth


An Introduction to Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Make it easy to find your information where people are spending their time: online. Find ways to show up at the top of search engines for key words that make a difference for your clients.

Presented by: Tim Stephens


Anatomy of an Effective, Sustainable Internship Program

Fostering a strong internship program is an excellent strategy for investing in your organization's future successes, and can open the door to discovering future colleagues and leaders.  In this workshop we will unbundle key facets of a successful internship experience and create a blueprint for your organization. Presented By: Betsy Wetherby


Answering Abortion Availability with Pre-Appointment Relationships

Answer the immediate client need for help (and decrease no-shows) with intentional pre-appointment relationships. Learn why, how, and best ways to build relationships even before clients arrive. Presented by Brandon Monahan


Answering Tough Calls

This training will walk through the first few minutes of a difficult call from an abortion minded or abortion determined caller. This training covers the very first questions a caller may ask about abortion and the services you provide, as well as covers active listening skills, and handling abortion determined callers.

This training should take approximately one (1) hour to complete. A copy of Heartbeat International's Talking About Abortion Manual is not required, but may be useful as it will cover additional information useful for sharing with these caller.


Apologetics - Making The Case for Life

Come and learn how to speak intelligently and graciously to the issue of abortion and to answer tough objections from opponents without the use of vitriol. Become a pro-life ambassador and engage the conversation of abortion with confidence and skill. Presented by Mike Spencer


Apologetics: What to Say & How to Say It

Knowing what to say about abortion is critical, but knowing how to say it is sometimes just as important. This workshop will help you know how to start and navigate through discussions about abortion with wisdom and skill.

Presented by: Mike Spencer