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Abortifacient Effects of Oral Contraceptives

An online course through Heartbeat Academy offering 1.25 nursing contact hours.


Abortion Minded Caller

This is a recorded presentation on the abortion minded client, particularly, the abortion minded caller. This presentation offers one hour of credit toward the Life Affirming Specialist designation.


Abortion Pill Rescue Network Training

In this training bundle, you'll receive access to five core trainings that will provide your organization with a strong understanding of the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol. 


Abortion Pill Rescue Network: What PHOs Need to Know (Parts 1-3)

This teaching will provide the tools and information needed to become part of the Abortion Pill Rescue Network and to effectively assist women who have started chemical abortion and are experiencing regret. 

Presented by Christa Brown, Lisa Searle, Dr. George Delgado, and Dr. Robert Snyder.



Abortion Procedures Information for Pregnancy Help Organizations

This training offers credit for nurse. CA BON provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 16061 for one contact hour.




Abortion Recovery In Depth Training

The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Abortion's Impact and Recovery

Hosted by national Abortion Recovery Coalition leaders, this forum will share the value of abortion recovery ministry and how it fits into the life of pregnancy centers. It will address the following questions: Who’s who in abortion recovery? What’s different in abortion recovery in 2020? Where does abortion healing fit into your ministry? When should healing begin? How to reach the hurting? Why healing is necessary?


Presented by Abortion Recovery Coalition Leaders


Answering Tough Calls

This training will walk through the first few minutes of a difficult call from an abortion minded or abortion determined caller. This training covers the very first questions a caller may ask about abortion and the services you provide, as well as covers active listening skills, and handling abortion determined callers.

This training should take approximately one (1) hour to complete. A copy of Heartbeat International's Talking About Abortion Manual is not required, but may be useful as it will cover additional information useful for sharing with these caller.


Are You at Risk?

.  Don't miss your chance to hear from ministry experts on this important topic!


Are You Compliant? OSHA and Other Standards

Learn more about the federal safety standards that may apply to your center! Having just walked through a voluntary on-site OSHA inspection, presenter Julie Moore will share with you the insights her center has gained on good clinic practices, including those that would apply to CLIA waived labs. You’ll also receive links and other tools that you can use to promote general workplace safety and comply with employer responsibilities.


Avoiding Burnout

This one hour webinar is designed to encourage and empower you with tips for avoiding burnout.


Banquet Planning From Scratch: Recipe for Success

In this guide, Kirk Walden dishes out key principles on all aspects of the planning process, leaving your guests happy and increasing donations. Your next banquet is sure to sizzle with success!


Benefits of Blogging

This 1 hour webinar will highlight the benefits of blogging in terms of web site marketing and public relations benefits.