Management and Training

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How to Identify and Assist Victims of Human Trafficking

In this one hour training, you and your staff will learn how to identify and assist your clients who may be at risk for, or who may already be victims of human trafficking. 


Improving ALL Communication


This webinar will show people a simple system to clarify, simplify, and deliver every message. This system will improve meetings, emails, presentations, and fundraising.

1. The two truths most people agree on, but never combine (and they should).
2. The simple system for thinking through any message.
3. Specific applications for meetings, emails, presentations, and banquets.

Presented by Keith Ferrin



Leadership Series

This three part series will help you improve your leadership skills as you manage and lead your Pregnancy Help Organization.


Leadership Subscription

Free for Heartbeat affiliates! Subscription to On The Leaderboard and Capitol Matters.


Leading Change - Adapting to the Need

1 hour webinar presented by Roxy Lamorgese, PreBorn!


Legal Essentials

Legal Essentials will help you, your board, and your staff gain a panoramic understanding of the legal issues important to your ministry.


Life Affirming Specialist

Apply to become a Life Affirming Specialist or easily renew your designation online!


Life Launch Application Resource Package

Availble exclusively for Life Launch applicants who have made it through the screening process, this package contains everything needed to get your organization ready to apply for our Life Launch Grant program.


Maximizing Your Use of The Pregnancy Help Salary Survey


The Pregnancy Help Organization Salary Survey helps you compare your compensation plan for key employees to other, similar organizations. In this free webinar, Heartbeat President Jor-El Godsey and Vice President Tracie Shellhouse will explain how this information can be used within your center to evaluate appropriate salary ranges within your unique organization.


Public Speaking Anxiety

This 1 hour recorded webinar discusses what public speaking anxiety is and tips for overcoming it!


Risk Management for the Pregnancy Help Organization

Learn key areas to evaluate whether you may be putting yourself at risk in this one hour training.


Salary Survey

This resource is provided free of charge to organizations that participate in the Salary Survey. If you participated in the 2023 Survey and do not have your copy in your email, please reach out to