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I am accessing this resource in connection with my role within a life affirming (pro-life) Pregnancy Help Organization. I understand that this resource is intended for a pro-life audience and is considered off the record. Additionally, I understand that my registration may be subject to cancellation (with a full refund of any fees paid) by Heartbeat International at any time and for any reason. I understand that all media inquiries should be directed to:

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This valuable resource for life-affirming ministries will help you establish and evaluate policies and procedures. Legal Essentials™ also is intended to be a reference for handling unusual circumstances that can arise in your center’s operations.

A reality too often overlooked is anybody can sue anybody else for any reason at any time. The question is, "Can they win?" Using real-life examples and ministry-proven criteria, Legal Essentials is a legally sound, hands-on resource designed to help you set sensible policies and parameters, while giving you the framework to know when you need to seek legal help.

Many of the topics discussed in this manual are applicable for any non-profit organization, including pregnancy help centers, maternity homes, stand-alone post-abortion programs, adoption services, abstinence programs, and other pro-life ministries.


  • Parameters for successful legal compliance.
  • Real-life examples to help you protect your ministry.
  • Criteria for evaluating when to seek legal help.



Chapter 1 Tax–Exempt Organization
Section 1: Incorporation and Tax Exemption 
Section 2: Political Activities of a 501(c)(3) 
Section 3: IRS Tax Filings and Other Requirements 
Section 4: IRS Disclosure Requirements
Section 5: State Tax Issues 
Section 6: Excessive Compensation
Section 7: The Sarbanes-Oxley Act 
Section 8: Mergers 
Additional Notes

Chapter 2 Staff Management
Section 1: Recruitment and Hiring
Section 2: Application of non-discrimination laws 
Section 3: Employee Selection and Screening
Section 4: New Employee Processing
Section 5: Wage and Hour Considerations
Section 6: Providing Leave to Employees 
Section 7: Supervising Employees 
Section 8: Conflict Resolution 
Section 9: Discipline/Termination 
Section 10: Additional Staff Management Issues
Section 11: Volunteers 
Additional Notes

Chapter 3 Board Duties and Responsibilites
Section 1: General Legal and Ethical Requirements 
Section 2: Board Operations
Section 3: Limiting Liability
Additional Notes

Chapter 4 Finances and Funding Program
Section 1: Financial Practices 
Section 2: Fundraising Practices
Chart: Charleston Principles
Section 3: Receipting Practices
Section 4: Charitable Campaigns and Government Grants
Additional Notes

Chapter 5 The Four P’s
Section 1: Protecting Personnel through Insurance
Section 2: Protecting Property 
Section 3: Protecting publications
Section 4: Protecting Publicity
Additional Notes

Chapter 6 Reaching Clients
Section 1: General Principles of Client Marketing 
Section 2: Yellow Pages Advertising 
Section 3: Telephone/Hotline Protocol 
Section 4: Internet Communications
Additional Notes

Chapter 7 Peer Counseling
Section 1: General Peer Counseling Guidelines
Section 2: Peer Counseling on Contraception and Abortion 
Section 3: Peer Counseling on Adoption
Section 4: Post-Abortion Peer Counseling
Section 5: Infant Safe Haven Programs
Section 6: Beyond Peer Counseling
Section 7: Clients with Special Needs
Additional Notes

Chapter 8 Client Services
Section 1: Service Disclosures and Releases
Section 2: Pregnancy Tests 
Section 3: Offering Medical Services 
Section 4: Material Assistance
Section 5: Parenting Classes
Section 6: Childcare Services 
Section 7: Client Contact Outside Center Premises 
Section 8: Referrals
Section 9: Housing Clients
Additional Notes

Chapter 9 Confidentiality and Client Records
Section 1: Confidentiality Basics 
Section 2: Exceptions to Confidentiality 
Section 3: Special Cases Concerning Confidentiality
Section 4: Client Records
Additional Notes

Articles: Governance and Related Topics – 503(c)(3) Organizations
TermiKNOWlogy – Bylaws
Understanding the IRS Form 990
To Be or Not to Be a Religious Non-Profit: That is the Question 
Checklists and Charts: Auditing Practices Related to the New Form 990 
Checklists and Charts: Child Abuse and Statutory Rape Reporting
Checklists and Charts: State/Local Law/Practices 
Checklists and Charts: Shepherding Home Providers
Forms: Adoption Agency Meeting Disclaimer 
Forms: Adoption Agency Meeting Disclaimer
Sample Articles of Incorporation 
Forms: Commitment of Care and Competence 
Forms: Employee Evaluation 
Forms: Employee Handbook Acknowledgement
Forms: Employee Self-Evaluation
Forms: Employment Separation Agreement
Forms: Furniture and Equipment Release from Liability
Forms: Media Consent and Release Form for Minors 
Forms: Media Consent and Release Form for Non-Minors 
Forms: Notice of Adverse Action 
Forms: Notification and Authorization for a Credit Report
Public Information & Resources:
Public Information & Resources: Federal Enforcers Listing
Public Information & Resources: Child Abuse Reporting State Hotline Numbers 
Public Information & Resources: Annual Electronic Notice for Small Organizations 
Public Information & Resources: How to Obtain a CLIA Cert. of Waiver Brochure
Public Information and Resources: Safe Haven Laws in the United States
Public Information and Resources: Useful Organizations and Websites 
Sample Policies: Abuse and Rape
Sample Policies: Compensatory Time
Sample Policies: Confidentiality 
Sample Policies: Document Retention and Destruction 
Sample Policies: Employee Handbook
Sample Policies: Suspected Misconduct, Dishonesty, Fraud, & Whistle-Blower Prot