4 Ways a Maternity Home Can Fight Abortion

by Christopher Bell, Good Counsel Homesplaceindebate

What was your response to the Planned Parenthood revelations?

As a pregnancy help leader, perhaps the horror of abortion gets you moving every moment of every day. But perhaps you came into the life-affirming work via another path—a path that emphasized serving women, sheltering the homeless, or supporting job readiness. Maybe you haven’t had to think seriously about abortion per se. Maybe your home avoids the topic altogether, wanting to stay out of the political crosshairs.

Yet, as Americans, we’ve been confronted with new knowledge. The new abomination of Planned Parenthood’s evil work made present in the undercover videos is outrageous for even the most nonchalant pro-lifer. In the name of research and science, we now know that Planned Parenthood dismembers little ones and sells their body parts.

And so I ask, might God also be calling upon maternity homes to do more?

At times like these, in our unique role, might we be called upon to speak out?

We know that God can bring good out of every sin (Romans 8:28). What is the great good the Lord might be bringing forth from all this? What can we do in the face of these new revulsions to bring the Lord’s Light and Grace?

I offer four suggestions for your reflection:

1) The Truth will set us free.
Use the platform that you have to educate the public further by pointing to these new revelations. In public speaking, letters, websites, and social media, don’t hesitate to show the contrast: maternity homes help pregnant women in need; Planned Parenthood not only takes the lives of children, but further disrespects their human remains. If you have a personal story of a mom who was at a Planned Parenthood, share it.

Be a voice of Truth. Education is the first step for many to become motivated to get involved. For those who are already involved, knowledge is further power to act more decisively and boldly. Many respond to the information about Planned Parenthood with a desire to “do something.” The “something” may very well be meeting the needs of your home!

2) Understand that healing and hope is needed for those who are suffering more after these revelations.
Many women and men who’ve been involved with an abortion are now suffering in a new way, thinking of how grossly treated was the body of their baby. Always, as you educate about the horrible acts of Planned Parenthood, offer the healing help of post-abortion ministries. Those who have honestly faced their decision to abort “can be among the most eloquent defenders of everyone’s right to life.” (Evangelium Vitae, #99) Maternity homes are a wonderful place to speak of about mercy and healing.

3) Use your home as a transformative stage.
Maybe you’ve tried to keep your mission away from politics. Even though a 501(c)(3) is allowed to advocate on behalf of legislation, you’ve believed that your organization and mission should not engage in the political process at all. Think and pray about this; go to your Board or ask your Board to pray hard about this. If ever there was a time to call on our elected officials to not use our tax dollars to support an organization that dismembers babies, it is now. Consider asking your supporters online and off, in person and in writing, to have elected officials commit to defunding Planned Parenthood.

4) Pray hard to ask the Lord what more must we do.
You already give deeply via your work but perhaps the Spirit is calling forth a new project or witness. What more must we do to eradicate this evil from our land? Perhaps the only reason the Lord has held back a just judgment upon this nation is that there are at least 10 good people living in our midst. That is all God sought before Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed (Gen 18:32). The evil that our culture has permitted is now clearer than ever. With a bold and lively faith, it is time to steward God’s vision for human life, protected and cherished.

As you well know, in serving others we are serving the Lord. At times like these we have to serve the Lord by speaking the truth, calling others to action and sharing the vision that we can realize a culture that is abortion-free.