Public Impact

Heartbeat International proactively engages the community and shares the good work of the pregnancy help movement with both the media and government officials.  Through proper education of all the services our pregnancy help network provides in communities, we encourage hopeful messages of LIFE throughout the world. Our Babies Go to Congress event takes moms and babies to their government officials to show them the value of the pregnancy help organizations.  We do this to encourage a positive relationship among our elected officials.

While we do what we can to be proactive, Heartbeat is prepared to help defend organizations against attacks from the opposition.  Our pregnancy help network agrees to the standards of our Commitment of Care and Competence.  If you ever feel that you or your center is under attack, please contact us.

We suggest our affiliates work with their local media so they can better work with centers in the community.  Heartbeat provides a Pregnancy Help Center Defense Toolkit (Affiliates Only) to equip our centers with the tools they need to work with the media.  Education is the best tool we have against any negative claims that may arise.

In the news

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