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Medical Services

If you have a heart for integrating medical services (especially limited ultrasound) or expanding medical services in existing programs your pregnancy help center offers, we are here to assist you in making that transition.

Many centers today offer, are adding, or at least are contemplating ultrasound services. Other established medical centers are taking the basic model a step further, by adding STD testing, pap smears, natural family planning, prenatal care, birthing centers, and even well-baby care. Some are becoming “hub” medical clinics and encouraging other centers to refer clients to them for ultrasound and other medical services. The medical community represents natural contacts with our pregnancy centers, as we partner to bring a more positive, life-affirming and holistic approach to the care women need.

To offer ultrasound your organization must first become a medical clinic. The Medical Director (a D.O. and/or M.D) and other health care professionals are necessary for this transformation.

In most cases the center would operate under the licensure of the Medical Director. Currently other states like California, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts have more expansive regulations governing the licensing of Medical Clinics. In some states, pregnancy clinics are included within the types of facilities that must obtain licensure. For instance, in California, all "primary clinics" are required to obtain licensure, In other states, the definition of an ambulatory surgical center may be broad enough to incorporate clinics where ultrasounds or birthing services are provided.

In most states there is a designated agency such as a state department of health, that is given the authority and responsibility for regulating health care facilities. You should contact this agency in your state to determine what specific licensure requirements are in place and whether they pertain to the type of facility you intend to operate. In states where licensing is required, a clinic must comply with applicable regulations and must submit to periodic agency inspections. The scope and substance of applicable regulations differ from state to state.

An ultrasound tech, a trained nurse, or other trained health professional as approved by your state regulations and/or your Medical Director would perform the ultrasounds.

One thing is clear; offering relevant medical services increases the number of clients served. Only a medical diagnosis of pregnancy can truly answer the question, “Am I pregnant?”

As a licensed medical clinic, your pregnancy help center can provide on-site immediate services that will empower women to choose life. Primary among these services is ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy. This medical service is what women wantd and need to make an informed decision about their pregnancy.

Often when supporters understand the impact of adding medical services they become excited and increase their giving. Further, new donors are attracted to the medical clinic model as they see the effectiveness of operating in this manner. Some centers have reported dramatic increases in their revenue over the years as they operate as medical clinics and communicate to their supporters the successes in doing so.

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You may also wish to find a pregnancy help center in your area that offers medical services and tour their facility. They may be able to walk you through the transition quickly by sharing their process and their policies and procedures. For more information, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..