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A Biblical Framework for Adoption

Explores six scriptural truths about adoption, for use with birthmothers and church presentations. ENGLISH VERSION


Adoption Dedication Service

This brochure provides practical information on what comprises a dedication service. A wonderful guide in planning for an adoption dedication service. Pack of 25


Am I Ready To Parent

This brochure provides your client with 30 questions to ask herself before she makes the decision to parent. This is a great tool to help your client understand herself better, and her ability to parent at the present time. Pack of 25


Is Adoption an Option for My Baby and Me?

Answers to the ten most common questions your clients have about adoption. May be used in secular settings.Trifold brochure. Pack of 25.


Is Single Parenting an Option for My Baby and Me?

Answers to the ten most common questions your clients have about single-parenting. May be used in secular settings. Pack of 25. ONLY IN ENGLISH


Life Choices

Designed for positive-test clients, this brochure presents healthy choices for the mother and baby, ideas for developing a positive support system, and offers choices for the future (single-parenting, marriage, and adoption). Pack of 25  ENGLISH VERSION


Making Good Decisions

4x4 inch square, updated version of Life Choices Pack of 25


Making Good Decisions (Spanish) - Sigue Adelante

Brochure for young men and women which introduces the concept of large and small decisions and how to seek help when dealing with a major life decision


Myths About Adoption

Five common myths about adoption, and their answers, for use with birthmothers in one-on-one and training purposes. Pack of 25


Ten Commandments for Parents

How do parents make the 10 Commandments live in their homes? For their children? Anne Pierson takes each of the commandments and relates them to a contemporary world. For all Christian parents. Pack of 25


The Basics of Being a Father

4X4 inch square, updated version of What is a Father Pack of 25


The One

4x4 inch square, updated version Pack of 25


To Keep You Pure

Brochure to give to clients and youth groups/Sunday school classes with Scripture references, info on what the Bible says about our sexual drive, and the importance of setting guidelines. Pack of 25