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Housing Evaluation Strategies

Do you panic every time a grant applications asks about your "evaluation" strategies? Have you wondered how to measure the impact that your home is having in the community?

Join us for this training, created with maternity homes in mind, to learn about practical evaluation methods that you can implement immediately.

In addition, the seminar will feature practical tips and ideas on how to create a thorough evaluation plan for your housing organization that informs your decision making and makes you more effective in implementing your mission.

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Housing Growth Strategies

Come join a discussion on growth decisions. Together we will talk through the decisions of whether to open a new location, start a new program, and start a social enterprise.

Presented by Mary Peterson


Maternity Home Open! Now What?

This workshop will discuss the trials and triumphs after a maternity home opens it doors from all aspects including programming, fundraising, and board development. Presented by: Maria Puccini


Maternity Home Research; Connecting your home to Notre Dame

Everything you need to know to join the national research study of Maternity Homes Post-Roe!

Vivian Crumlish joins us from the Lab of Economic Opportunities, Notre Dame University, to explain how homes can join the Maternity Housing Coalition's research initiative. This webinar will explain what the study is, which homes are eligible to participate, and the process of participation. 


Maternity Housing Essentials

Whether you are starting or improving your home, this resource is for you!


Mental Health First Aid for Those in Crisis

Pregnancy Resource centers are impacted by the Mental Health Crisis. Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid helps you assist someone experiencing a mental health or substance use-related crisis.


Recovery and Relapse in Maternity Homes

Grow confident in identifying and supporting the best recovery options for residents in your maternity home. Also, prepare to identify relapse and support residents through that relapse into optimal health. Presented by: Katie Camus


Salary Survey


If you contributed to the 2021 Salary Survey, please contact support@heartbeatinternational.org if you have not received your digital copy by April 1.


Sexual Exploitation is Fueling Abortion!

Freeing women from sexual exploitation is essential in stopping abortions. This workshop will show how to create an outreach for women trapped in the devastating cycle of sexual exploitation. Presented by: Karla Sutter


Solution-Focused Therapy

1 hr recorded webinar presented by Valerie Humes, Housing Specialist at Heartbeat International



Starting a Housing Ministry

Intended for those in the dreaming or start-up phase, this workshop will provide foundational information related to key decision points in both the administrative and programmatic dimensions of operating a maternity home.

Presented by Mary Peterson