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The Justice Foundation has established the Center Against Forced Abortion (CAFA) which has provided education, tools, and legal advice to hundreds of Heartbeat Pregnancy Centers, resulting in hundreds of babies lives saved.  

Join us for this informative webinar led by Allan Parker, President/Lead Attorney of The Justice Foundation and Tracy Reynolds, Forced Abortion Consultant, as they share vital legal information and tools you can use when counseling young girls/women who may be forced into abortions against their will.  You will learn how to use tools developed in collaboration with Heartbeat Legal Staff, including:

  • The “Dear Client” Letter, which advises your client of her legal right.
  • The “Dear Parent” Letter, English and Spanish.
  • The “Dear Father” Of The Unborn Child Letter, advising him of his legal rights and obligations.

You will hear testimonies of how this program has saved lives including a live testimony from a Heartbeat center director.  Finally, you will learn how to deal with the client who has been scheduled for an abortion against her will.  You won’t want to miss this. important opportunity to hear about the latest legal trends regarding forced abortion.

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