Reproductive Grief Care for Clinics


One in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage and one in four women in the US will have an abortion by the age of 45. Although these losses occur very differently, the grief experience is similar and affects men, women, family members and friends. The Institute of Reproductive Grief Care's course for healthcare professionals, clinics, pregnancy centers, universities and social service agencies, can bring hope and healing to hurting people who may be suffering alone.

Objectives/Desired Outcomes:

  • Describe the grief experience after reproductive loss.
  • Identify three compassionate care practices to facilitate grieving for those impacted by reproductive loss.
  • Utilize new communication skills and healing resources.

About the Instructor(s):
The Institute of Reproductive Grief Care® is the global expert in reproductive grief care, offering education, research, expertise and support after pregnancy and reproductive loss. With the stated goal of encouraging the widespread adoption of a reproductive grief standard of care, they provide education and resources to healthcare professionals including hospitals, medical professionals, therapists, social workers and pregnancy centers, as well as community and faith leaders.


 Next Session: February 15  (11 AM - 2 PM EDT)