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Data and Video

by Lauren Bell, Extend Web Services Managerjoey huang jg3NTQilepo unsplash

The average internet user will spend nearly seven hours per week watching videos online and Millennials tend to hit 10-20 hours of video viewing each week.In 2022, 82% of internet traffic came from video streaming and downloads. (Shepherd, 2023) With all this video content being created, consumed, and shared, is your organization utilizing the opportunity to reach your target audience through video?

 5 reasons to incorporate video into your outreach efforts:

  1. Videos are engaging: Whether your target audience is a young woman searching for help or a major donor looking to fund a project, videos will engage your viewer. Videos educate and inspire, but most importantly people will watch them.
  1. Videos invoke emotion: Videos make people feel. Emotions help you connect with your target audience quickly and effectively. It’s important to make an emotional connection quickly because you don’t have much time to reach someone on a digital platform. It’s not unusual for a woman to spend just a few seconds on a website before clicking away, but if you can connect with her through video in the first few seconds, you’ve increased your chances of building trust and prompting action.
  1. Videos prompt action: Once you’ve invoked emotion in your audience through video, people are more likely to act. This will boost your conversion rates considerably. Whether it’s to make an appointment or give a gift, nothing will spur that action quicker than a well-crafted video.
  1. Videos work on multiple platforms: One video can be a tool used across multiple platforms. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. A video used on your website can easily be uploaded to social media. Just be sure you are using the correct format and orientation when you share. Video is great for mobile phones and since the vast majority of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, video is a tool you want on your platforms.
  1. Videos increase your search result ranking: Simply put, Google loves videos, especially videos embedded on YouTube. Having at least one video embedded on your website will increase your chances of being ranked higher on search results. Be sure your video content is relevant to the content on your page.

At Extend Web Services, we offer a wide variety of digital marketing tools to help you reach women in need as quickly and affordably as possible – now including video!

With any marketing tool, it is important to test out what works best for your marketing plan and keep trying new ways to increase your reach online. We hope you’ll take advantage of the new videos offered by Extend as we continue to partner with you to reach and rescue lives each day.


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