Get Out the Vote

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Since the momentous overturning of Roe V. Wade, the battle to protect life has shifted from the federal courts back to the states. Pro-life advocates are working to pass life-affirming legislation and elect legislators who will protect the pre-born, while pro-abortion activists are trying to bypass the legislatures by enshrining abortion protections into state constitutions across the nation.

As we know, every election is important, and as we look forward to this November and into 2024, we see the growing need for the pregnancy help movement to step into the political conversation in defense of life. We must speak up and ensure our hard-earned victories are not erased, and abortion is not further embedded into our constitutions.

Voting your pro-life values and motivating others to do the same is an important way that we can ensure abortion is unthinkable for future generations.

Make sure you VOTE this November, and see other ways you can get involved here!