European Union Continues Its Pro-abortion Drumbeat

by Ellen Foell, International Program Specialistpexels werner pfennig 6950156

We all know that the world is ablaze with debate and fury on the issue of abortion. Unfortunately, that blaze is also occurring in the highest halls of government. And, nowhere is that more apparent than in the European Union, its Parliament, and its Court. On the one hand, the European Parliament voted in a directive that surrogacy can be a form of reproductive exploitation and human trafficking. That is great news.

On the other hand, the EU Parliament also recently voted in favor of including access to abortion as a fundamental right in the EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights. From the podium, hard-left French MEP Manon Aubry attacked what she called "reactionaries" on the right to vote against the measure, stating, "No, the right to abortion is not a controversial issue. It is a fundamental freedom. No, the right to abortion does not kill. On the contrary, it saves lives. And while you are quietly attacking it here in the European Parliament, [women] can count on us. We'll be with you all the way."

Fortunately, that vote is largely symbolic. The resolution is non-binding, and a full-fledged right to abortion access would require the backing of all 27 member states to be included in the EU's charter. But symbols have meaning. We need to be aware of our times and interpret them rightly.

Upcoming Summit

At the upcoming European Pregnancy Help Leaders Summit, Heartbeat is pleased to welcome attorney Guillermo A. Morales Sancho, Legal Counsel with ADF International, based in Vienna, Austria. He will draw upon his experience to discuss the most recent resolutions from the EU Parliament and their potential impact on pregnancy help centers in Europe. (Of course, we will also host speakers on fundraising, client services and center management.)

Soon, you can sign up to attend the EPHL Summit in Budapest, Hungary, on September 19-21,2024. Registration will open June 1, 2024. The registration is free for affiliates. If you need to affiliate, or re-affiliate, you can affiliate here  for $70.00USD. If you are not affiliated, the cost for registration and meals is $195.00 USD per person.

About Attorney Guillermo A. Morales Sancho

Guillermo A. Morales Sancho, PhD, serves as legal counsel, Europe, for ADF International in Vienna, Austria. He is a lawyer specializing in constitutional and human rights law and conducts legal advocacy in Europe to promote and protect parental rights, free speech, children’s right to life, as well as freedom of conscience and religion.1

Your Role In Adversity

Awareness of the times in which we live can be the starting point at which we are reminded of these core truths:

- Unity: Discover why unity matters at such a time as this. This movement is bigger than any one of us. We must work together and stand strong against those who work so hard to break us apart.

- Peace: Remember your source of peace.

- Commitment and intentionality: At the core, this is a daily practice to remain committed to the mission and intentional in what you do.

Adversity is an opportunity we can seize to deepen our faith. The political endeavors to enshrine abortion into law around the world should propel us to remember our mission, unite in prayer and intercession (just as Paul and Silas chose to pray in their darkest moments), and focus vertically, keeping our eyes fixed on the Lord.


1. More information can be found here:

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