Cindi Boston, Vice President

Cindi Boston 2018 16

A long-time leader in the pregnancy help community at the local, state and national levels, Cindi Boston was named Heartbeat International's Vice President in January 2016.

Cindi previously served on Heartbeat International's Board of Directors from 2013-15, and was recognized as a 2011 Heartbeat International Servant-Leader honoree. She chaired the board for Missouri's Alliance for Life that played a role in passing a state resolution honoring the work of pregnancy help organizations, as well as directing funds for specfiic services covered under Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

Cindi has worked in the business, education and non-profit sectors in Kansas, Ohio, and Missouri since 1985. She was first elected to the first Board of Directors for the initial setup of Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) in the winter of 1998. She oversaw the center's growth from startup through the first 15 years of service, where the ministry reached 285,150 local women and men.

Cindi is a graduate of Evangel University. She is a certified Life-Affirming Specialist (LAS) and was selected as one of the top 12 non-profit directors of underserved populations in Missouri. Cindi is the proud mother of two sons, Josh and Caleb.