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This kit is imperative for any pregnancy help medical clinic. If you are thinking of going medical, or have been serving for years, these updated manuals include additional medical services including abortion pill reversal and identifying victims of human trafficking and has been reviewed and approved by Heartbeat’s Medical Impact Team. In addition, the digital download makes customizing samples to make your policies and procedures fit your organization quick and simple.

Medical Essentials: Medical Essentials will help you, your board, and your medical staff explore the rationale of expanding into this new, pro-life area of high-value professional service. Bring Medical Essentials to your organization to help guide your steps for bringing medical services to your clients and community. Medical Essentials covers the planning, implementation, and principles important to pregnancy and women’s well-being. The manual also includes the tools your center needs to navigate and comply with U.S. regulatory standards. From adding ultrasound and STD/STI testing to abortion pill reversal and more, Medical Essentials is your go-to guide for adding and improving the tools and expertise you need to help each client make the healthiest choice for everyone involved in an unexpected pregnancy. 

Sample Medical Policies and Procedures: The digital manual includes approved samples of procedures and guidelines for Pregnancy Help Organizations offering medical services including: Operating & Administrative Policies, OSHA, HIPAA, Patient Charting, Pregnancy Testing, Ultrasound, Pregnancy Confirmation Examinations, Prenatal Care, Abortion Pill Rescue, as well as sample medical forms and job descriptions.

 Part I: Our History

Pregnancy Help and the Pregnancy Medical Clinic: A Developing Model

Part II: Getting Started & Funding Medical Services
Alternatives to Direct Provision of Medical Services
Are We Truly a Medical Clinic?
General Steps to Establishing Medical Services
Medical Advisory Board: An Effective Support for Pregnancy Help Centers
Strategic Planning
Community Research
Determinig Your Services
Determine Whom You Will Serve
Review of Internal Culture
Medical Services Strengthen Your Appeal
Budget Estimate for Medical Services (Limited Ultrasound)
Medical Services Development Guidelines
Heartbeat International Medical Services Checklist
Medical Services Sample Organization Chart with Physicians on Staff
Medical Services Sample Organization Chart with Well Developed Paid Staff and Governing Board (Also Showing Medical Staff)

Part III: Client Education
Fetal Development
Equipping Staff to Discuss Abortion Procedures
Contraceptives Chart
STI Information

Part IV: Principles of Operation
Federal Regulations
Medical Records
Serving Minors
Local Codes and Regulations
Insurance and Liability

Part V: Pregnancy Testing
Urine Pregnancy Testing
Pregnancy Testing Administered by Medical Personnel
Pregnancy Tests Administered by Trained Non-medical Staff
Serum hCG Pregnancy Test
Verification of Pregnancy Test
Prenatal Vitamins

Part VI: Ultrasound
Ultrasound Regulations
Sonography in the PHO

Part VII: Pregnancy Confirmation and Prenatal Care
Pregnancy Confirmation Exams
Prenatal Care (Partial/Full)
Birthing Center

Part VIII: Abortion Pill Reversal
Primary Goals of the Abortion Pill Rescue Network as a Program
How Your Center Can Help Clients Wanting Reversal of Chemical Abortion
Referring Clients to the APR Hotline
Abortion Pill Rescue Network Training
FAQs of APR Callers

Part IX: STI/STK Services
Questions to Ask Yourself When Adding STI Testing/Treatment Services
Advantages of Adding STI Services
Getting Started with STI Services

Part X: Staffing and Compensataion
Personnel Records
Quality Assurance Program
Compensation for Medical Personnel
LPNs Providing Medical Services in Pregnancy Help Organizations
General Medical Personnel Policies
Medical Personnel Health Policies
Sample Job Descriptions

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