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Lead your clients into a Scripture-based journey of healing from past abortion experiences with Healing the Effects of Abortion-Related Trauma (H.E.A.R.T.)

Utilizing outlines, readings, Biblical passages, pages for journaling, letter writing and more, H.E.A.R.T. (4th Edition) is designed to meet the needs of church groups, pregnancy help organizations, and counseling agencies wrestling through the difficult reality of post-abortive pain. 

Session I

I. Welcome and Prayer
II. Introduction: Purpose of Group; Getting to Know Each Other
III. Discuss Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS)
IV. Set Goals
V. Share Abortion Experience
VI. Discuss Support System/Person
VII. Homework and Prayer

Session II

I. Prayer
II. Update. Discuss homework
III. Discuss Defense Mechanisms
IV. Discuss Fears
V. Discuss Anger
VI. Homework and Prayer

Session III

I. Prayer
II. Update. Discuss Homework
III. Discuss Forgiveness
IV. Homework and Prayer

Session IV

I. Prayer
II. Update. Discuss Homework
III. Discuss Our Image of God and Who God Really Is
IV. Discuss God’s Grace, Mercy, and Peace
V. Homework and Prayer

Session V

I. Prayer
II. Update. Discuss Homework
III. Discuss Depression
IV. Discuss Guilt
V. Discuss Grief
VI. Guilt/Grief Exercise
VII. Homework and Prayer

Session VI

I. Prayer
II. Updates. Discuss Homework
III. Discuss Self-Reconciliation
IV. Discuss Shame
V. Discuss Self-Image/Self-Esteem
VI. Who I Am in Christ
VII. Committal Service–Release Child
VIII. Homework and Prayer

Session VII

I. Prayer
II. Update. Discuss Homework
III. Discuss Communication
IV. Discuss On-going Healing
V. Evaluation Form
VI. Grief/Guilt Exercise
VII. Celebrate
VIII. Prayer


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