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Once you complete your affiliation, please be sure to review and update the organization's information through your Contact Dashboard.

Thank you for your interest in affiliation with Heartbeat International. Please make sure you have reviewed the information about what it means to be a Heartbeat Affiliate, as well as the Committment of Care and Competence before completing your affiliation. Once you complete the online application, you will receive a follow-up email with additional information to make the most of your Heartbeat Affiliation!

Please select the affiliation type applicable to you: 

  • Affiliate (Complimentary)- This rate is for start-up centers in their first year. All others will be subject to cancellation.
  • Affiliate (Discounted)- This rate is for centers who are also affiliated with one or more of the following National Affiliation Organization (NIFLA, CareNet, ICU Mobile, Save the Storks, Life Matters Worldwide, International Life Services, Christian Life Resources, National Christian Adoption Fellowship, National Life Center, Christian Adoption Alliance)
  • Affiliate- Select this rate if you are not affiliated with another National Affiliation Organization and have been in existence for more than a year.
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Annual Statistics

If you are a new organization and have not collected this information yet, please indicate "0" or "NA" where appropriate.

This number should reflect the total of unique, individual clients served.
This number should account for multiple visits from the same client.

Services Information

Please provide information about the services offered through this location. Services and hours for satellite locations can be added when you update additional center information through your dashboard.

If yes, please ensure your medical director and nurse manager are included in the employee contacts section of your dashboard.


Please select an "Open" and "Close" time for each day of the week. If closed that day, please select "closed" from the list. If there are exceptions to these times, please indicate these using the "Service Hours Notes" field below.

Please use this space to indicate any availability outside of these hours (i.e. 24 hour hotline), and/or any exceptions to this availability (i.e. closed for lunch 12-1). Please note: The information included will be displayed in public searches such as Option Line.

Please indicate what language(s) are spoken by staff in your organization and are available for clients to receive counseling and/or services in.

Affiliation Agreement

Affiliates of Heartbeat International agree to uphold The Commitment of Care and Competence and Heartbeat Principles. Please click here to review Heartbeat Principles and The Commitment of Care and Competence if needed.

The undersigned certifies that he/she is qualified to sign on behalf of the corporation.
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