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AFLA Newsletter: Reaching the Batwa People of Uganda



Update from AFLA President Barbra N. Mwansa:
"Afla continues to be excited about what God continues to do on the continent of Africa. Just like our mission, we have continued to present the trainings on the sanctity of human life to all nations, even in inhabited places. The sanctity of human life message brings light to all darkness, breaks the chains of the evil one and saves lives, even the unborn from abortion.

Afla, in partnership with Beautiful Feet International, has an opportunity to train the Batwa people of Uganda. From history, the Batwa people have their own creation story. According to the Batwa people, their creator gave some people height, others he gave them prosperous land, but to the Batwa there were no more such gifts to give out, so he gave them the rainforest. When they were evicted by the government in the 1990’s, they felt God had rejected them.
It is then the greatest opportunity for Afla and Beautiful Feet to visit and train with God’s love and message of life.
You all faithful and good friends of Afla have continued to stand with us as we continue to serve on the continent of Africa. Your prayers and support are always highly appreciated. We value your support and prayers so much; without your effort we would have not have 258 affiliates on the continent of Africa.
Thanks a lot for moving with us."



(Text and photo taken from AFLA newsletter)

Romania Newsletter: New Center Opens in Bucharest!



Heartbeat International has kept you apprised when it comes to the incredible work that is being accomplished by our friends in Romania, and we are overjoyed to share that a new counseling and support center has opened in Bucharest! Here is an excerpt from the center's first newsletter: 

"Dear pro-life friends,

You have just opened the first newsletter sent by the Counseling and Support Center for Parents and Children “Saint Alexandra the Empress”.

What seemed impossible a few years ago could be accomplished this year and happened at the beginning of this month: the inauguration in Bucharest of the Counseling and Support Center for Parents and Children “Saint Alexandra the Empress”.

The center offers counseling and social services to women in pregnancy crisis, to young and teenage mothers, to families in need and to parents who prepare to give birth to a child or wish to prepare for that.

Among many other services, the center offers: free psychological counseling, free pregnancy tests, baby-boxes with all the necessary baby products for women who are about to give birth or who have just done so, emergency social assistance (clothes, food, diapers according to possibilities), references to social services within the community (legal consulting, gynecologists to monitor pregnancy, breastfeeding courses, vocational counseling, professional training), support groups for mothers and for post-abortive women.

The center is staffed with one psychologist and a social worker who offer confidential professional help to those who ask for support.
The inauguration of this center has been a great joy for me, since on a daily basis I meet women who lack support and are under great pressure from their partners, their families or their jobs. I know women in pregnancy crisis need to know there is a center where they can ask for help and which can meet their needs. I wish to thank all who have been supportive in the opening of this center.

With joy for life,
Alexandra Nadane
Executive Director
Asociația pentru sprijinirea femeii însărcinate și a familiei
(The Association for Supporting Pregnant Women and Families)"


(Text and photo taken from Romania newsletter)

Heartbeat Joins CAM Meeting in Quito, Ecuador

 On October 16-19, 2017, our friends at Centro de Ayuda para la Mujer (CAM) held their 7th Latin American Meeting in Quito, Ecuador. Heartbeat International President Jor-El Godsey had the pleasure of attending, speaking, and meeting with the leaders of the countries where CAM is represented. Leaders from all over Latin America were able to learn and connect with other pregnancy help center leaders in the movement. It was a time of encouragement, rejuvenation and education, with workshop topics like:

  • The Gospel of Life in the context of CAMs
  • The fragility of the woman who wants to abort – physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Proposals for healing for women who have been abused or raped
  • Marriage Morality for Defenders of Life
  • Fundraising techniques and testimonials of success
  • Update in the attention to the mothers (cytotec, emergency pill) and its technological and medical solutions

       …and more!

Attendees also heard personal testimonials, including one of a mother saved from aborting her precious baby. The CAM meeting was an incredible opportunity to see the work that CAM is accomplishing for life in Latin America, and simply reaffirmed just how honored Heartbeat International is to partner with such a passionate, life-affirming group.

Jor-El had this to say after the meeting:

"CAMs are a practical, and courageous, response to the scourge of abortion that is happening even in countries where it is illegal. These selfless volunteers extend themselves to bring life-affirming help to those who can only see a pathway of darkness. Their faith and fortitude to uphold the Gift of Life and the Giver of Life is an example for all of us!"

The CAM network is one of the largest regional networks in the world. Inspired by the sacrificial work of Jorge and Magdalena Serrano, these outreaches work incredibly hard to make sure that life is valued throughout Latin America.



“Sleeping Majority” of Pro-Lifers Rally in El Salvador


 Click here to read about what God is doing in El Salvador on Pregnancy Help News. It will blow your mind!



Check out what Kharkiv Pregnancy Assistance Center has been up to!


Check out the Kharkiv Pregnancy Assistance Center has been up to in Ukraine! Read the newsletter by clicking on the attachment below.


Africa Cares for Life: Salt and Light in the South

This past August, Africa Cares for Life (ACFL) held its 13th Annual Conference in Illovo Beach, South Africa, welcoming 60 pregnancy help center directors, board members, staff and volunteers from around the nation to better equip themselves to serve women and families.

The theme, “Salt and Light,” highlighted the role of pregnancy help centers as individual lighthouses for their regions, providing clients with a place of hope and guidance by shining in the dark places.

While at the conference, attendees took part in praise and worship, networking with co-laborers in the life-saving mission and personal prayer ministry opportunities. The event incorporated keynote speakers and workshops with topics including:Africa Cares Salt and Light Conference

  • Client Intervention Track - Flourish (Adverse Childhood Trauma)
  • Client Programmes Track – Teen mom support groups
  • Leadership Track – Intentional living and leading
  • Fundraising Track – Crucial conversations around fundraising
  • Spiritual Refreshment – Intimacy before impact
  • Medical Matters – HIV and the pregnant woman
  • Spiritual Refreshment – Coming back from feeling burnt out
  • Client Intervention – Reaching and connecting with the abortion minded client
  • Staff Track – HR in the NGO Sector

Here are just a few examples of the feedback ACFL received from attendees:

“This was an opportunity to grow, be refreshed, network and refuel.”

“I loved how God used the speakers to meet my needs—especially spiritually.”

“I am writing to you with such an overwhelmingly grateful heart - to you guys for creating this truly wonderful conference … in this one God has really been dealing with me personally and highlighting a few things that I as a person should work on to become a better child of God and ultimately a better leader for my centre. So thank you (once again) for being obedient to God when He called you to this ministry.”

“[The conference] reminded us that we are not fighting this battle on our own.”

“[I] came away from those sessions feeling rejuvenated.”

In order to pour into the lives of others, pregnancy help center staff must themselves be filled to the brim. Whether through a speaker, workshop or simply spending quality time with others in the pregnancy help community, in-person gatherings like ACFL’s are specifically geared to “fill” pregnancy help workers to get back to the mission with a renewed sense of vision and purpose.


Be'ad Chaim


logo provida 1000x200


Director Sandy Shoshani leads Be'ad Chaim (Hebrew for “Pro-Life”), which was established in 1988 in Israel. Be'ad Chaim's mission is to open the eyes of women and men to an alternative to abortion so that they will choose life, with an ultimate goal to end abortion on demand in Israel. Be'ad Chaim’s offices span throughout Israel and provide education, counseling, and tangible provision for needy mothers. Its services include: “Project Moses,” a sponsorship program to provide mothers with baby items for a full year, “Gardens of Life,” a place of healing for those who have lost a child, counseling, education, clothing, and Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS) Support groups.

Click here to visit Be'ad Chaim's website.



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Headed by President Alicia Latorre, ProVida (Spanish Federation of Pro Life Associations) originated from the first Pro Life Association of Spain in 1977. It has been a recognized and registered organization since 1981. ProVida promotes respect for all human life from conception until natural death through its services, which include: personalized assistance to single mothers, free medical and psychological care for women faced with an unplanned pregnancy, food and housing aid, educational courses, organization of conferences, seminars, and congresses, and collaboration in socio-cultural, scientific and public awareness events to promote a culture of life.

Click here to visit ProVida's website.

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