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If your organization has an interest in how fertility education can enhance the services your organization provides, this training is for you. Not only will we cover an overview of fertility education, but we will outline how we can use this information and approach to enhance women's services. One of the best ways we can empower women is helping them understand their own bodies' natural cycles, so they can approach their own healthcare knowing what is normal and abnormal, healthy and unhealthy. 


Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 16061 for 1.0 contact hours. 



Training Objectives:
At the end of this webinar, the participant will be able to 
1. Discuss the four main female hormones that regulate reproductive health.
2. Discuss how estrogen and progesterone influence the cervix and endometrium
3. Define a normal ovulatory cycle
4. Name several causes of abnormal menstrual cycles.
1. Describe the female hormones that influence the reproductive system.
2. Describe the ovulation cycle
3. Discuss how female hormones influence other areas of the body
4. Describe how to monitor hormonal changes in the body
5. Discuss how ovulation is a sign of health
6. Describe how imbalanced or insufficient hormone levels play out in the body
7. Review charts to get a sense of cycles that are normal versus abnormal
8. Discuss how understanding ones body empowers women
9. Outline how we can better approach women's healthcare



Lindsay Rerko, DO is a board certified family physician who practices full spectrum family medicine including obstetrics. She received her Bachelor of Science in Preprofessional Studies and Spanish from the University of Notre Dame, and her medical degree from Midwestern University: Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. 



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