Association for Life of Africa


afla logo 2016Barbra Nalavwe Mwansa, founded the first pro-life pregnancy center in Zambia in 1998, Silent Voices, which has now saved 7,000 babies from abortion and spread the message of life to more than 25,000 young people in the nation of Zambia.

IAs the Silent Voices ministry grew, they began training people who were passionate about saving lives and desired to open centers in their own countries across the continent of Africa. In 2009 Barbra and the Silent Voices team held the first PAN- AFRICAN Conference. Since then there has been an increase of centers in Zambia and throughout Africa. Because of the demand for training indigenous workers and the great results that followed, Association for Life of Africa was formed by Barbra and her team to continue serving those who seek to start and run life-affirming pregancy help ministries in Africa.

AFLA is a joint Affiliation Partners with Heartbeat International. Heartbeat supports their efforts to equip and encourage a regional network of local, grassroots efforts to promote life-affirming alternatives to abortion. 


Client Testimony:

BABYMy name is Tamara. My mom died when I was 6 years old. My dad decided to return to Nigeria after my mother's death but my grandmother would not allow him to take me. I stayed with my grandmother until I was 9 years old. At that time I went to live with my uncle so that I could start going to school since my grandmother had no means to support me. While my aunt was away on a trip my uncle came into my room and raped me every night until she returned. I started feeling weak and sick. I later found out that I was pregnant. When my aunt came back, I knew had to tell her what had happened. She was angry but could not report the case to the police. She asked me to report the rape to the police for fear that the husband would harm her. My uncle was arrested and has remained in custody.

The government removed me from my home and took me to Silent Voices Maternity Home. My blood level was only 4 mills, I had no strength. In the maternity home, I was cared for and delivered a baby boy. I named the baby Michael resembling to the Arc angel that fought the powers of darkness. My baby is two weeks old. I am happy to see this baby besides the pain and the suffering.  I thank Silent Voice and AFLA for their love and support.

All financial gifts received designated for our approved “alliance” affiliates will be forwarded to them in a reasonable timeframe (usually upon exceeding $250US). Heartbeat International deducts $30 plus 3% from the transfer, to help defray internal cost for money transfers, currency conversion, clerical costs, bank fees and any processing fees that might be charged. Should any funds be unable to be forwarded – primarily related to the recipient - they may be re-allocated for similar international work.

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