What is a Pregnancy Center?

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Every woman deserves love and support during an unexpected pregnancy. That's why there are pregnancy help centers around the world dedicated to providing material assistance, moral support, and medical services to meet their needs.

Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs) are life-affirming non-profit service providers that provide women who have an unexpected pregnancy with alternatives to abortion. Their services often include free pregnancy tests, consultation, ultrasounds, material support; education and information on adoption and abortion; and services and referrals for ongoing pregnancy and parenting needs. There are approximately 2,750 PHCs in the U.S. serving women and their families every day with a 99% satisfactory rating from clients1.

Centers that additionally provide limited medical care under the supervision of a licensed Medical Director are called Pregnancy Medical Centers (PMCs). Their services include pregnancy tests and ultrasound, to prenatal care and STI/STD testing.

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Pregnancy Help Centers are also called:

  • PRC – Pregnancy Resource Center
  • PCC – Pregnancy Care Center or Pregnancy Counseling Center
  • PC – Pregnancy Center or Pregnancy Clinic
  • CPC – Crisis Pregnancy Center
  • PSC – Pregnancy Support Center
  • PSS – Pregnancy Support Services
  • PMC – Pregnancy Medical Center

What services are generally provided by PHCs?

  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Pregnancy consultation (information about pregnancy options)
  • Material resources (including diapers and formula)
  • Post-decision support (including parenting education and abortion recovery groups)
  • Consultation with a licensed medical professional
  • Limited ultrasound for pregnancy confirmation
  • Testing for sexually transmitted infections and diseases
  • Abortion Pill Reversal

Want to know more about Pregnancy Help Centers?

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