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The state of California has a long history of choosing abortion industry protectionism over listening to the real voices of women seeking local, compassionate care during pregnancy. California’s latest attack on Heartbeat International and the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network represents just one more attempt to shut down options for women who want support to continue a pregnancy because they have changed their minds about an intended chemical abortion. (You can read our response here.)

Five years ago, Heartbeat International took over the management of the Abortion Pill Rescue Network to help women who immediately regretted their chemical abortion choice and wanted to continue their pregnancy. Since then, we have built a network of more than 1,400 healthcare providers, pregnancy centers and hospitals to serve women seeking to reverse the effects of the abortion pill.  Heartbeat believes no woman should be forced to complete an abortion she no longer wants. We have assisted over 5,000 women in successfully reversing a chemical abortion and welcoming a new baby into their lives. 

Heartbeat is the sole organization worldwide managing an international reversal network with medical, staffing, and consulting infrastructure that provides this safe, effective medical protocol giving choice and hope to women. It’s no surprise that California would come after Heartbeat with spurious legal attacks as they see the impact of this strategic work. Yet, Heartbeat is not deterred. We need your prayers right now as Heartbeat works with our legal teams to respond and walks alongside our affiliated pregnancy help organizations in California also named in this lawsuit.

We also need your financial support given this sudden and unexpected attack on the critical life-saving work Heartbeat sustains every day. This attack is intended to intimidate our pregnancy help network from providing this life-saving care, and halt our efforts to give women a second chance to choose life. If California prevails, we know other states will follow and we cannot allow that to happen

Heartbeat will not back down from offering hope to women at any point in pregnancy. Our commitment is to her—to offer compassionate, caring, and truthful support. However, fresh legal attacks mean new financial demands for Heartbeat. Will you stand with us now with a special gift as we respond to this challenge?  

Your gift helps make abortion unwanted today and unthinkable for future generations.

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