Jor-El GodseyJor-El Godsey, Vice President of Ministry Services for Heartbeat International is attending a worldwide conference in Europe sponsored by Cry for Life (Schreeuw om Leven). The conference started in Holland, moved to Poland and will conclude in Germany. The conference focus is "Abortion hurts Women" and the battle to end abortion. Here is Jor-El's latest report, filed from Poland:

Greetings from Oswicem, Poland - the Polish city that was conquered by the Nazis who changed the name to German - Auschwitz.

Our conference group has just returned from Auschwitz I, the first concentration camp of the larger Auschwitz complex. It was a sobering and somber experience. After having seen pictures and films representing the horrors of this segment of our recent human history, it was quite moving to stand in the same buildings and next to the "processing" areas where more than 1.3 million people were sent and 1.1 million did not survive. Tomorrow we will visit the largest of the Auschwitz area camps - Birkenau. This was 3 times larger and built more directly for the use of exterminating the "unworthy" - namely Jews.

The connection for our conference - sponsored by Cry for Life (Schreeuw om Leven) - is that the "trains to Auschwitz are still rolling" representing that abortion echoes the same components of dehumanization as was evident before and during the Nazi regime. Some of the same substantiation for "choice" today was derived from the eugenics movement that heavily influenced Hitler.

Heavy stuff. The mission we serve is fought on many fronts and will require all (as did the liberating Allied army) to do what they can.

Fortunately last weekend we enjoyed a wonderful time in the Netherlands at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Cry for Life. The event had hundreds in attendance to celebrate the work of Bert and Willy Durenbos, the founders and leaders. Personally I was blessed (along with Brad Imler of American Pregnancy Association) to be hosted by a delightful Dutch family (the Van Dongen's) who showed us the charm and wonder of Holland - windmills, canals, etc.

On Thursday our moving conference flies to Berlin, Germany. There we will participate in their countries March for Life (among other things).

Thanks for praying for safety in traveling.

Blessings to you all,

Jor-El Godsey