God is stirring the hearts of young adults in astounding and thrilling numbers. These young people, passionate about the Gospel, are hungry to take on hard things, like ending abortion in their generation! We not only wish them well, we intend to train and equip them for success. How do you do this with a wartime mentality, as good stewards of precious resources and foregoing expensive hotels, airfare etc? You do it online and free of charge.

We are excited to announce that we are joining other national prolife leaders in a free, online, all day conference, Ending Abortion, on Saturday, July 10.  We are praying for thousands to attend, and asking God to stir many to spread the word.  Would you like to attend?  Reserve your spot and register now.

While subject to change, currently the conference consists of eleven one-hour topics beginning at 10 AM (Eastern time).

  • 10 AM - The Case for Life
  • 11 AM - The Abortion Crisis
  • 12 Noon - Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Empire
  • 1 PM - The Power of Prayer
  • 2 PM - Pregnancy Help Centers: Compassion in Action
  • 3 PM - Saving Lives Outside Abortion Facilities
  • 4 PM - Hope and Healing for Post-Abortive Women and Men
  • 5 PM - Legislative and Political Efforts
  • 6 PM - Pro-Life Youth Advocacy
  • 7 PM - Influencing the Culture
  • 8 PM - Discover Your Role in the Prolife Movement

Come and go as you need. At 1 pm, I will speak to the power of prayer as the primary means by which God has been calling and preparing people for this Great Work and then sustaining them as cross-bearers for child-bearers. At 2 pm, Peggy Hartshorn will present “The LOVE Approach” that reveals how you, like those who serve in our pregnancy help centers, can reach and rescue women and couples from the pressure and temptation of abortion. David Bereit, of 40 Days for Life, is busy confirming the other well-known and respected leaders who will be presenting. Stay tuned.

P.S. Want to join the one million other Christians, of all ages, that we hope to mobilize for prayer for the end of abortion? Download our prayer card and bookmark now and start by praying for 50,000 to attend Ending Abortion on July 10th.