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Vote for Future Generations

Get Out the Vote!Your vote is critical on November 6th. Future lives depend on it. Please take time now to make sure that you are registered to vote. 

However, it’s not just your vote that will save future generations. Every vote from the entire pro-life community is needed to stop government sponsored abortion on demand. And the scary part is that if we fail to vote our pro-life values on Election Day, the government may soon make it unlawful to provide alternatives to abortion by directing pregnancy help organizations to provide abortifacients and abortion referrals.
We desperately need your help to Get out the Vote (GOTV)! 

Step 1: Reminding U.S. citizens about the sacred duty of voting is the first step to GOTV.  Future generations are counting on you to activate your Board members, staff, volunteers, donors, friends, neighbors, churches, and families. It is crucial to encourage each person in your circle of influence to become a registered voter. 

Step 2: Educating voters is the second step to GOTV. We need elected officials who are willing to advance solutions instead of abortions. Voter Guides are now available. Voters need your help to understand where each candidate stands on life. It’s time to galvanize everyone in your community to ensure that pregnancy help organizations can continue providing life-saving support.

Forcing pro-life citizens to pay for abortions and to provide abortion-causing drugs goes against our American tradition of religious liberty and destroys our nation’s moral compass.

It was Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and the third U.S. president, who said, “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.”

U.S. voters know that abortion is defacing America. We all know that aborting a child is not healthcare. America needs people with a passion for life to inspire others to vote for those who share our pro-life values. 

You are a vital part of Heartbeat International’s pregnancy help network. Please help voters realize that compassionate help and unconditional love empower mothers to welcome the next generation.

Voting your pro-life values and motivating others to do the same can make abortion unthinkable for future generations. 

Votes save lives.