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Treating Infertility: A Pro-Life Medical Approach

To inform about the effect of artificial reproductive techniques (ART), in terms of human embryos produced and destroyed and health problems for the mother and the babies (if born). To present a step-by-step medical flow-chart for diagnosis and treatment of couple infertility.

Presented by Dr. Giuseppe Grande, MD


Trauma-Informed Approach to Adoption and Options

Join us as we share about how to counsel expectant women on their options using a trauma informed approach. We will teach how to care for clients in way that that makes them feel safe and known as they consider their options for an unexpected pregnancy. Presented By: Kara Reinhold


Translating Teen Culture

Does it ever seem like teenagers are speaking a whole different language and the gap between your world and theirs seems to be forever widening? Learn practical skills to effectively bridge that gap with communication and connection. Presented by: Amy Posterick


Transition at the Top

This workshop will equip new(er) executive directors to transition well to their role as they honor the past, prepare to take a stand as one called by the Lord, find ways to build a bridge, and accept the challenge of their call. As they dive into these topic areas, they will be encouraged to prepare for the ways that God is at work and ready to make an impact through their ministry. Presented by: Kate Connors


Thrift Stores: Supporting Life Ministry

If your Life Ministry is searching for another fundraiser, a thrift store may be just what you are looking for and more. This webinar will have you thinking of a thrift store not only as a funding source, but also as a marketing tool for your pregnancy center. The extra benefits may surprise you! The basic steps to opening a thrift store will also be discussed to help you get a road map for this exciting journey, which will also have a few challenges.


Thrift Stores 101

This training offers two hours of credit toward the Life Affirming Specialist designation.


Three Keys for Successfully Addressing Conflict

Addressing conflict can be difficult, but it can be done successfully! Spend some time with Heartbeat Vice President Betty McDowell to review the keys she has learned through many kinds of ministry work to address conflict whether you are a person in authority or under authority.

Presented by: Betty McDowell


There for Her: Post-Adoption Support

Presented by Heather Featherston, A Lifetime Adoption, Vice President


The Word of Life

Presented by Ellen Foell


The V Step: A Glance in a Different Direction

The V-Step Vision and Value, is the third step of The LOVE Approach. According to Genesis 1, our value does not depend on what we do. God describes the creation of Adam and Eve as "very good" before they had any opportunity to do anything! We communicate this so well to our clients, but what about for ourselves? Presented by: Beth Diemert


The Use, Evaluations, & Applications of the Sexual Risk Avoidance Approach

Presented by Nicole Horstman, Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Rapids


The Use, Evaluations, & Application of the Sexual Risk Avoidance Approach

1 hr  recorded webinar presented by Kate Connors, SRAS and Nicole Horstman, MA SRAS


The Truth About Backstreet Abortions

To describe the evidence regarding the legalization of abortion on maternal mortality rates. Presented by Calum Miller, BA BMBCh MA


The Sonographer in the PHMC

This course is designed to be a refresher in limited obstetrical skills while also designed to be an introduction into scanning within the pro-life movement.  As a participant you may feel extremely confident in the technical aspect of the scan, however pro-life movement may be new.  

This course is designed for RDMS only. No CMEs or CEUs are offered for this training.