Heartbeat Academy
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Starting a Maternity Home 101

1 hour recorded webinar. 



Starting a Housing Ministry

Intended for those in the dreaming or start-up phase, this workshop will provide foundational information related to key decision points in both the administrative and programmatic dimensions of operating a maternity home.

Presented by Mary Peterson


Start the Presses: What's a Press Release and How do I Write It

A call comes in—It’s a local reporter, and she wants to know if your center gives out birth control. No? Well, don’t you receive funding through the state? Why should you be receiving a dime from the city council when you won’t even refer for abortions?

Questions like these can feel intimidating, but there’s a situation you should dread even more: radio silence. Good press relations is both proactive and reactive, and a well-written press release is an essential component to building credibility in your community to expand your reach to the woman near you who needs it most. Consider these questions and more—including who should be answering questions at your organization in the first place—with Heartbeat International’s former Director of Communications Jay Hobbs.


Standing Together Against Attacks

Presented by Jeremy Dys, First Liberty Institute


Staffing Models: A Facilitated Discussion

Join Mary Peterson and guests as they share key insights into the different staffing models utilized in maternity housing.


SRAE: Engaging the Broader Community

Presented by Sarah Anderson, Ascend


Spiritual Warfare - The Silent Battle

My goal is to encourage and support those in PRC work to stand strong and fight when Spiritual warfare is great. I will provide a Biblical basis for how we fight these battles, and how we manage through these seasons, without giving up and quitting.
Presented by Kristi Brown, MBA/MHA/MACE