Heartbeat Academy
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Your Mission: Be Not Afraid

Presented by Kay Trattles and Shannon Bohan, Mary's Shelter


Your Ministry and Voter Registration

Webinar recording from Heartbeat International. 


Your Center's Tithe: Expanding Pro-Life Missions

Check out this one hour recorded webinar from Heartbeat Academy!


You CAN Reach the Abortion Determined!

Presented by Ginna Cross, Alliance Family Services


Working with Boomers Serving Gen-Z's

This workshop will provide fresh ideals on bridging the gap between Boomers and Gen-Zs in the workplace. It will also help Boomers realize who the Gen-Z client is today. Presented by Toni Clarke and Alissa Clarke


Wooing Clients with Spiritual Fruits

The Holy Spirit is demonstrated by the fruit in our lives. Cultivating that fruit in our lives and in our centers will be today's focus. Presented by Leann Clink BSN, RN


Women's Natural Cycles Explained

Learn how fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) are revolutionizing women's healthcare, not only for their role in family planning, but also for their use in monitoring and managing a range of reproductive health issues. We'll also explore the scientific evidence behind the modern and standardized methods of natural fertility monitoring. Presented by: Eileen Sirois, CNM, CFCP; Kimberly Henkel


Women's Mental Health After Abortion

This online training from Heartbeat Academy offers 1.25 contact hours for nurses.


Women Need You: Failed Abortion’s Impact

Failed abortions and even successful abortion pill reversals don't just impact a surviving child, they impact the woman and the family unit. The Abortion Survivors Network serves women parenting their surviving child, extended families, and our goal is to educate and equip you in your work. Presented by Melissa Ohden MSW and Denisha Workizer


Why Post-Abortive Men Need Healing

Uncover how abortion affects the soul and identity of men in different ways than it affects women. The pursuit of healing is just as important for men. Learn how to approach post-abortive men with healing resources.

Presented by Bill Velker


Why Not Birth Control

In this course we will look at normal female anatomy and function, various types of birth control, and data revealing associated risks with the different types of birth control. We will also discuss how common the use of birth control is currently in the United States while asking ourselves what birth control education is best for the client entering the doors of the pregnancy center. We will walk through client scenarios and role-play dialogue to be had with these clients.

Presented By: Brooke Myrick


Why Mess with the Media

Presented by Scott Baker


Why Men: the Vital Link in the Life Decision

This workshop will focus on the role of the father of the baby in the life decision and discuss the difference it can make when he is brought from the sidelines to his rightful place of advocacy and support for mother and child. Presented by: Alexander Hettinga


Why Diversify?

The goal of the workshop is to explain and equip participants with the knowledge of why diversity of all types is important to the growth of their ministry. Presented By: Cherilyn Holloway