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Achieving a Positive Organizational Culture


Achieving a Positive Organizational Culture will explore both present and ideal culture in life-affirming organizations and how as leaders, we influence and shape that culture, along with its impact on everyone involved. We will nurture ideas rooted in shared values and beliefs that can be used as “levers” for positive change throughout the organization, creating a scared, authentic, and truly life-affirming environment.

Presented by Camille Pauley


Bringing Your Ministry Into Focus


Has your ministry or organization ever experienced mission drift? It is easy to fall into this trap and become complacent in our daily execution while losing sight of the spiritual significance of our work. Come discuss the causes of mission drift as well as steps to take to stay rooted to our vision and keep the focus on the vision.

Presented by Charles DiMarco, MBA


Everyone Speaks, Not Everyone is Heard


Here we establish common vocabulary for teams to collaborate, and ultimately create, a culture where change is embraced, and every voice is heard. This workshop provides a foundation for leaders to improve their team dynamics, creating a pathway of engagement for patients to be served at the highest level.

Presented by Christine Robinson


Knowing Our Identity


In these trying times we must know who we are and who we serve. It is our job to stand firm when confronted in today’s world.

Presented by Lori Devillez


Legal Landscape


Get up to date on how current legal cases may impact your work, either directly or indirectly.

Presented by Danielle White, ESQ.


Living Out a God-Sized Dream


The Lord has plans He has set before each of us. We know that. He has gifted us in what we need to fulfill His call in our lives. Some of us have even seen a God-sized dream or two come to fruition and know the feeling of awe as we walk where the Lord has orchestrated our steps and prepared the way ahead of us. Sometimes, the difference in dreaming and living is just a tweak or two.

Presented by Connie Wyatt Coleman



Strategic Planning that Works

We expect some change in the culture over the years, but sometimes it seems as if the culture is shooting past in leaps and bounds - and not always in a direction we'd like. It can be appealing to step away and let the culture's changing values race past, but keeping a finger on the pulse is essential to our work and saving lives.

Presented by Vivian Koob


Walking through Addiction


Recovering from addiction, while not necessarily something everyone faces, is a process those in ministry work are bound to face eventually in a client. Discover the journey of burnout and recovery that reveals itself in the story of those working through an addiction.

Presented by Kurt Dillenger


When Picketers Come to Visit


How do you respond when there are protesters at your door? Especially when your response may be recorded, it's important to think about it before they come knocking outside your door. In the midst of it all, remember that your work must be impacting your clients if picketers are willing to spend time protesting it.

Presented by Amy Sheuring.