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5 Hot Topics in HR


From recruiting and hiring talent, to developing your staff and fostering sound people practices, we'll address hot topics in managing your staff, as well as the legal cautions associated with each. We will also provide any timely legislative updates and address the HR challenges you’re facing.

Betsy Wetherby, Danielle White, J.D.

Change is Good, Right? 


Let’s face it: our ministries are changing. As we seek God’s vision for our ministries, this workshop helps equip leadership to more effectively lead and manage the change process. Learn to accurately define areas of discontent, clarify your mission, strategies, goals, and intended outcomes, and how to link them to the change process.

Amy Scheuring, M.Ed., LAS

Developing a Culture of Spiritual Strength

Use the essentials of the early church to strengthen your center, your leadership, and yourself for service. You and your team can be wholehearted in your ministry without exhaustion! Help sustain spiritual strength in yourself, your team and even your board with what you’ll take away from this workshop.

Julie Parton Ph.D. & Mary Margaret Gibson


Preventing and Treating Burnout Among Pregnancy Center Workers

Designed to help staff and volunteers identify and treat the phenomenon of burnout, this workshop is an opportunity to make sure you and your staff/volunteers are working in a healthy and effective way. We’ll also learn the skills we need to prevent and treat burnout for ourselves and others.

Kathleen Adams, BSN, RN, RDMS

Principles of Organizational Design

“Form follows Function.” Designing an organizational structure that best facilitates reaching your goals is as important to pregnancy help organizations as it is to mainstream businesses. Take a look at your organizational goals to make sure you are truly focused on a healthy organization design that will help you meet them.

Bruce Berens

The Heart of Communication and Your Staff

Knowing your staff well is key to connect with them and communicate with clarity. Join us to identify individual communication strategies so you can effectively work with each of your staff members and volunteers.

Ramona Davis, CCNL