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Journal Babies

Brand: Appletree Press Inc.
Product Code: APPLPRESS

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 $44.00 (to cover shipping) for 50 journals


Journal Babies is written to help expectant mother's with their journey through delivery. This book empowers clients with an understanding of the pregnancy process through delivery, providing tools and information that promote healthy behaviors to help achieve a healthy pregnancy.


At 112 pages, these soft-cover journals would be great keepsakes for clients in your Earn While you Learn program. Priced normally $12.95 each, Appletree Press, Inc. is offering Pregnancy Help Organizations a case of 50 journals for a shipping and processing fee of $44.00.



The first half of Journal Babies, presents important information in a Question & Answer format such as:


  • How soon can I take a blood pregnancy test?
  • What are some of the early signs of pregnancy?
  • How often will I see my doctor or midwife during pregnancy?
  • ls it safe to have sex while I'm pregnant ?
  • How many extra calories do I need to eat?
  • Can I drink beverages with caffeine?
  • What other kinds of things can harm my developing baby?
  • What is the fluid leaking from my breasts?
  • How can I tell if labor has begun?


The second half of Joumal Babies provides  fill-in charts to record the first signs of pregnancy, favorite names for the baby, daily food logs, and a pregnancy calendar. Each month talks about how the baby's developed and what changes the expectant mother can see or feel. Journal Babies becomes a pregnancy tracker to organize your questions for the doctor or midwife, record your memories and thoughts as you advance through pregnancy. After delivery, Journal Babies becomes a keepsake for clients to look back all the way through their pregnancy journey.




Dr. Machelle M. Seibel, co-author of HealthCheques™: Journal Babies, is one of the country's leading reproductive  endocrinologists. He is a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Dr. Seibel received his  medical degree from the University of Texas, Medical Branch and completed his residency at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics  at  Emory University in Atlanta. He then completed his fellowship in  reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Seibel is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive endocrinology. He is a practicing reproductive endocrinologist and Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University Of Massachusetts School Of Medicine. He has written, co-authored, and edited more than 200 scientific articles and several books on fertility and pregnancy; including: Fertility: Your Questions Answered; Infertility: A Comprehensive Text; Family Building through Egg and Sperm Donation; Soy: An Alternative to Estrogen for Menopause; and A Woman 's Book of Yoga. By a survey of his peers, Dr. Seibel was voted one of The Best Doctors in America in his OB/GYN specialty.


Jane Stephenson, RD, C.D.E., co-author of HealthCheques™: Journal Babies, is a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified diabetes educator, and nutrition consultant with expertise in women's health issues, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and weight management.  Jane cunently works as a director of medical nutrition therapists in the Boston area. She is author of HealthCheques™: A Self-Monitoring System and A Meal-Planning System.  Jane is co-author of Carbohydrate, Fat & Calorie Guide; Self-Enrichment;  and No-Fuss Diabetes Recipes for 1 or  2. She was awarded the 2001 Creative Nutrition Award from Diabetes Care and Education (DCE), a practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Jane received a 2002 Merit Award honoring the nation's best consumer health information materials by the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC)  for A Meal-Planning System.