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What Is the Power of Pregnancy Help?
Through the lens of Heartbeat International, the world’s largest network of pregnancy help, this book tells the story of our movement, how it has grown into a mighty force for life around the world from tiny seeds planted over fifty years ago, what its scope is now, and where the Lord seems to be taking us!
This is the story of how God has worked to bring help and hope to millions through ordinary people, the foot soldiers of the pregnancy help movement who place our trust in Him.
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Dr. Peggy Hartshorn and her husband volunteered to house pregnant girls in their home in 1975. Peggy committed to the pregnancy help mission “full time” as Heartbeat International’s first president in 1993, and now serves as chair of the board. Peggy has experienced first-hand 46 of the 50 years of this history and been blessed by personal relationships with most of the people whose stories she tells here.  
Jor-El Godsey, president of Heartbeat International since 2016, relies on 30 years of personal experience to narrate major developments in the power and reach of pregnancy help: steering it into areas of great need, including internationally, defending it against attack, providing it 24/7 with Option Line, and now Abortion Pill Rescue – saving millions of lives around the world, one person and relationship at a time.