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A Vision for your Organization will help you shape your passion into a plan to change the world through your vision, one person at a time. Vision is a key first step to help you understand the importance of establishing a clear purpose and philosophy.

Learn to define and cultivate your purpose, philosophy, and organizational structure.


Our Passion to Serve
Our Commitment of Care and Competence 
Heartbeat International
Overview: A Vision for Your Organization 

Part I
How to Start a Life-Affirming Service Organization 
Form Leadership with a Vision 
Leadership Team
Servant Leadership
Qualities and Skills

Form a Planning Committee
Shared Philosophy
Broad Base
Making the Commitment
Size of Committee and Time Involvement 
Seek “Seed Money”

Determine Community Needs
Building Ownership
Answering Key Questions
Effect on Vision and Future Marketing 

Study Models
Visit or Request Information
Where to Find Models

Investigate National or State Organizations/Trainings
Different Philosophies and Requirements 
Training Opportunities

Refine the Vision
Confirm the Vision: Mission Statement and Name 
How to Arrive at a Mission Statement 

Become a Nonprofit, Tax-Exempt Corporation 
Criteria and Advantages
How to Incorporate
Federal ID Number
Obtain 501(c)(3) Status with the Federal Government
Obtain State Tax Exemptions 
Legal Assistance
Ongoing Compliance

Register to Solicit Charitable Contributions 
Prepare Bylaws
Select Nominees for the Board of “Trustees” or “Directors” 
Decide on Paid Staff
First Organizational Meeting
Intensive Planning to Begin Operations 

Part II
Keys to a Healthy Functioning Pregnancy Help Organization 
Servant Leadership Guided by Biblical Principles 
A Responsible Board
Purpose or Mission

Organizational Structure
Internal Communication
Continual Evaluation
People Development and Motivation 
Financial Development
Ministry Mentality
Diversified Fundraising
Development Plan

Part III
Who Does What as Your Organization Grows? 
1. All Volunteer with Working Board Model 
2. Single Paid Staff with Working Board Model 
3. Developed Paid Staff with Governing Board Model 
4. Institutionalized and Fundraising Board Model 
Stick to the Vision
Resources List

Appendix A
Sample Board Meeting Agenda with Executive Director’s Report Outline 

Appendix B
Sample Board Retreat Outline
Friday Evening
Saturday Morning
After Retreat

Appendix C
“All Volunteer Organization with Working Board Model” 
Organizational Structure
Program Operations Director Job Description

Appendix D
“Single Paid Staff with Governing (and Working) Board Model” 
Organizational Structure
Job Description for Director of Organization 
Leadership and Administration
Consulting and Client Services

Appendix E
“Developed Paid Staff with Governing Board” 
Organizational Structure
Executive Director Job Description
Executive Director Job Description 

Appendix F
Maternity Home Staffing Models