Pregnancy Loss at Pregnancy Centers

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Whether you work in a maternity home, medical clinic, or pregnancy center you and your staff regularly encounter different forms of pregnancy loss both among the clients you serve, and sometimes even amongst staff.

 In this training, participants will explore the different types of pregnancy loss that occur within pregnancy help organizations including miscarriage, abortion, and adoption. Not only will we explore the similarities and differences between each of these different types of losses, but we will also explore these losses as they relate to clients and staff including important self-care techniques to avoid compassion fatigue. 

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 16061 for 1.0 contact hours.


1. Identify how pregnancy losses occur for both the clients and the staff.
2. Describe differences and similarities of losses for clients and staff - specifically miscarriage, adoption and abortion.
3. Describe self-care options for staff to avoid compassion fatigue.


Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy Loss at Pregnancy Centers

February 27, 2019

  1. Many types of pregnancy loss

    1. Here is a quote I had heard that helps emphasize the webinar. It is by Maya Angelou “There is not greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

    2. Many types of pregnancy loss in a pregnancy center for clients and staff. We have the unique opportunity and privilege of being with clients at the most personal times of life, both early stages of life and death.

    3. Losses are for both the client and the staff

      1. Early pregnancy losses are often discovered at the center

      2. Adoption is a client loss but a win for the client, baby and staff

      3. Abortion is a loss for the client and the staff, hardest loss of all three

  2. Early Pregnancy Loss such as miscarriage, blighted ovum, molar pregnancy, ectopic (tubal)

    1. Usually found at your center by staff who is scanning clients

      1. Person scanning recognizes loss but can’t diagnose it

        1. We need to tell clients “I’m not seeing what I expect to see at this stage of your pregnancy

          1. I always give clients “miscarriage precautions” even if there is no loss. Helps especially when seeing a loss. Info is routine.
          2. Client will always ask questions. They are afraid, even abortion minded clients.
        2. Refer to Emergency Department or personal OB

    2. There is no apparent cause

  1. This is usually harder on clients that staff
  2. Staff – 1 in 5 end in miscarriage. Staff can help clients honor baby & its “what if future” this helps staff to process their grief at the same time, share God’s love of client
  3. Client – loss of control over the situation as well as loss of hopes and dreams for their child
  1. Adoption is a loss for the client

    1. Adoption is a loss and a win both for the client

      1. This is a loss for the client and father of baby

        1. Will lack memories of significant milestones

          1. Every parent have hopes and dreams they have for their child
          2. Even if it is an open adoption significant milestones may not have the same weight as if it was during your parenting.
  1. b) Often time’s clients have told me they thought they were terrible parents because they chose an adoption plan… an example of calling good evil and evil good.
    1. Adoption is also a win for client.

      1. Adoption is a win for the client – no physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma, less relational unlike some other losses. Focus on client benefits, not baby

      2. Parents who choose an adoption plan have better outcomes not just emotionally but will more likely reach healthier financial, education and relational goals.

    2. This is an obvious win for the staff and the baby.  Many feel called to pregnancy help centers because of adoption. Obviously baby will be cared for and alive.

  1. Abortion is a loss for client and staff


    1. This is the hardest loss, client or father don’t always recognize it as a loss. Also a loss of hopes and dreams for future child, and one they initiated.

    2. This is hardest on staff, sometimes feel like they failed. This is where self-care is truly important. Reasons why and helpful techniques.

  1. Conclusion

    1. Many types of pregnancy loss in pregnancy centers

      1. Early pregnancy losses

      2. Adoption

      3. Abortion

    2. These are losses for the client and staff. It is important for staff to take care of themselves. What have you done to renew yourself today?

    3. Losses at pregnancy centers look different for staff and clients. Simon Von Booy – “You were unsure of which pain is worse – the shock of what happened or the ache for the what never will.