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Online Affiliation

You may use this form to quickly renew your affiliation, please select the appropriate rate using the definitions below.

  • Complimentary- This rate is for start-up centers in their first year. All others will be subject to cancellation.
  • Discounted Affiliation- This rate is for centers who are affiliated with another National Affiliation Organization (NIFLA, CareNet, ICU Mobile, Save the Storks, Life Matters Worldwide, International Life Services,, Christian Life Resources, National Christian Adoption Fellowship, National Life Center)
  • Affiliation- Select this rate if you are not affiliated with another National Affiliation Organization and have been in existence for more than a year.

Please be sure to review and update the organization's information through your Contact Dashboard.

Become an Affiliate

Thank you for your interest in affiliation with Heartbeat International. Please make sure you have reviewed the information about what it means to be a Heartbeat Affiliate, as well as the Committment of Care and Competence before completing your affiliation. Once you complete the online application, we will review your request for affiliation. You will be receive a follow-up email when your affiliation has been approved.

Affiliation Renewal
Unless this is a brand new organization, be sure to choose "Select existing organization". Begin typing the organization's name and select your organization from the list that appears.
Please provide the address you receive mail at:
Please provide the physical address. If it is the same as your mailing address, please enter it a second time.
If you reviewed and verified,updated, or corrected the services offered in the space above, please indicate having done so with today's date.
When entering your hours of operation, please use the M T W Th F Sat Sun to indicate days and include a/p to indicate open hours (i.e. MWF 8a-8p; TTh 7a-9p)
Inclusion on Option Line is a benefit of your affiliation with Heartbeat International.
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Credit Card Information
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