China: A New Light Shines in China 


“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.” - Anne Frank

A new “candle” shining in southern China is lighting the way for pregnancy help.

Supported by the Heartbeat International family, a small team of Chinese nationals has opened the doors of a brand new pregnancy help center, becoming the very first Heartbeat affiliate in mainland China!

These courageous women, four in all, are finding unique ways to fulfill their desire to help save lives. They can’t advertise openly. Their own safety and security is at stake each day as they step out in faith.

The primary leader of this fledgling work, “Ani,” has personally visited our offices in Columbus and also attended Heartbeat International PHC leaders conference where she was warmly received with a standing ovation!

Heartbeat spent more than two years quietly laboring in China, through the work of sanctity of life messaging, with only the faintest hope that there could ever be a pregnancy help effort on the ground.

One of the fruits of these efforts is Ani’s fledgling work in southern China and her precious team that stands alongside her.

The number one need they have is prayer. Certainly other resources are necessary for their work.

You can give directly to this effort with your gift today. 

Be sure to pray for “Ani” and her colleagues, for favor, grace, safety, and opportunity. 

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All financial gifts received designated for our approved “alliance” affiliates will be forwarded to them in a reasonable timeframe (usually upon exceeding $250US). Heartbeat International deducts $30 plus 3% from the transfer, to help defray internal cost for money transfers, currency conversion, clerical costs, bank fees and any processing fees that might be charged. Should any funds be unable to be forwarded – primarily related to the recipient - they may be re-allocated for similar international work.

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