FAQs - Heartbeat's Option Line

Since Option Line has been so successful, why are Heartbeat and Care Net ending the joint venture?

We celebrate what the Joint Venture of Option Line has accomplished. We also recognize that even more needs to be done to reach and serve abortion-vulnerable women. The unique strengths of Heartbeat and Care Net along with variations in philosophy of ministry make two ventures, rather than one, the most effective course for the future.

Option Line consultants continue to respond  24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a toll-free phone number, e-mail, or live chat.

a.    How will Option Line change?

The services of Option Line will not change. Those who contact Option Line by phone, e-mail, or chat will continue to be served by specially trained and equipped consultants. All services need to evolve to remain effective. Now, directly under Heartbeat management, we will maintain the same 24/7 services to pregnancy help centers and explore how to make Option Line even more effective in the future.

b.    Will Option Line still refer callers?

Yes, Heartbeat’s Option Line remains committed to reach, receive, and refer as many of those in need as possible.

c.    What happens to Option Line Extend?

The Extend web services, as part of Option Line, are now operated directly by Heartbeat International. All of the Extend customers can be sure they are in the same good hands with Dionne and Brett.

d.    Will there still be appointment setting through Plus Link?

Under Heartbeat management, PlusLink appointment setting services will continue setting appointments, just as they have in the past.

e.    Will Heartbeat and Care Net each have its own contact center?  If so, how will they differ?

Heartbeat’s Option Line contact center will continue to offer the effective service that you know and have trusted for the last nine years. Option Line will connect those in need with those who can help. Care Net has asked Heartbeat to refer questions regarding their new program to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We have Option Line and 1(800)395-HELP on all of our communication.

a.    Will the name change?

The Option Line name will not change at all. Option Line is a proven name serving our common missional efforts to reach out to those in need.

b.    What is the new number for Option Line?  Who will answer the new number?

The new number for Option Line is (800) 712-HELP and will be answered by the same seasoned good folks who’ve been answering the call for help. We encourage you to make the simple change to the 712 number in any referring print, web or voice mail.

This new phone number will automatically replace the old number on all websites connected to Heartbeat’s Extend program.

c.    When does all of this take effect?

Option Line is up and running now under the direct management of Heartbeat International (effective 2/16/2012). Heartbeat’s  new Option Line number, (800)-712-HELP, is in place already and serving those who are seeking help.

d.    Will the (800) 395-HELP number still work?  If so, who will answer?

Care Net maintains ownership of the (800) 395-HELP number.  Option Line is no longer answering the 395#.

Will my center still be on a referral list like Option Line? Do the requirements change?  Will there be a cost?

Heartbeat International will keep all the current listings on Option Line active for affiliates of Heartbeat and Care Net. For now the requirements for listing will not change and this will continue to be a complimentary contact referral service to the pregnancy help centers listed.

Will centers with other affiliations, like NIFLA, be able to be listed on Option Line?

For now Heartbeat International will continue to honor the policy of including only current affiliates of Heartbeat and Care Net. Fortunately, many Heartbeat centers are also affiliated with NIFLA and will already find themselves listed on Option Line. (There are a few exceptions for state-funded programs and special cases.)

What will happen to the current location and staff? 

Heartbeat’s  Option Line call center remains operational here in Columbus where it’s been in the same building as Heartbeat since it began answering calls nine (9) years ago. Since Option Line is now a program of Heartbeat International, those serving in the contact center are now employees of Heartbeat.

How is Heartbeat’s relationship with Care Net?  Will Heartbeat be doing any other projects with Care Net in the future?

Both Heartbeat and Care Net look forward to continuing to cooperate and collaborate, as the Lord leads us in the right opportunities. We also celebrate our other joint efforts in past events like the Executive Roundtable, and past joint publications such as Medical Perspectives and Legal Solutions.